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Although we really recommend you to try out all the games, there are some that are by far better according to us. We will mention the games that we have tried and liked very much, therefore it is of course our personal opinions about the games that you get to see, but it gives you a good start to start discovering the world of Microgaming games. After that, you can test yourself further among the rest of the games. Our favorites are “Fortune Finder ”which is a true classic,” Lucky day ”which is a very popular game, and also amazing” Tomb Raider 2” which is inspired by the game of the same name which has millions of fans all over the world.

Finding games from Microgaming

All you have to do now is simply start playing, an expression that you can take literally, all you have to do is look into the games on our site and you can try it for free. Since we are not a casino, it is not possible to play for Real Money in the games on our site. Therefore, you play instead of play money that can always be replenished. If you happen to end your play money, you can simply close the game and open it again and the game has been updated with new money. Once you want to start playing at a casino https://catholic-pages.com/, you can check out our reviews to find which casinos offer games from Microgaming, and what bonuses and benefits are available.

NetEnt Bonus, free games and reviews of their slot machines!

After having presented Betsoft’s slots, it is impossible to overlook NetEnt’s slots. The Scandinavian manufacturer is on the brink of conquering its share of gaming consisting of slot machines. It would be impossible to overlook the slot machines from this developer in this category. At the moment we have about fifteen slots online, with many more incoming as we upload new slots, as we just did with the slot machine Aliens. Are you ready for the NetEnt experience? Believe us, it’s worth a try.

Impressive slots

When you visit NetEnt’s website, you immediately get an overview of the situation. Although the game developer offers something for all game categories, i.e. “board games”, “video poker” etc., among slot machines NetEnt stands out. They produce slot machines that contain the system that everyone, or almost all players love, namely 3D. 3D gives players the opportunity to experience truly interesting events during the game, via each win achieved.

But the strength of NetEnt’s games lies not only in the animation. On the contrary, we recommend that you pay close attention to the introductions the games offer. E. G. the slot machine Alien is amazing. Sometimes it feels like watching a movie. They’re good enough to bring out shivers when it comes to slot games that are a little scary, like Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Purchased rights 

The corporate strategy at NetEnt pays off. In fact, the game maker has started to buy rights to a noticeably large proportion of films such as Scarface, Jack Hammer, South Park, Aliens and many more with the intention of manufacturing slots around them. Thus, you now have the opportunity to find your favorite movies reworked into slot machines. In addition, NetEnt is not content to give you the opportunity to play, they also give you the opportunity to participate in the action, and complete it by winning bonuses and other mini-games. This makes the gaming experience with the slot machine much more enjoyable and motivates the player to play more.

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