10 Best Grenade Spots On Dust 2

In the counter strike game, Dust 2 is one of the most popular maps, which we can all agree on. This gives us all a great reason to be excited about this upcoming blog post. We have decided to compile a list of some of our favorite grenade spots for Dust 2.

Reviewing the 10 Best Spots on Dust 2

Dust 2 is a great game to play because it has a unique map. The map contains different sites wherein you must plant the bomb.

1. T-Spawn

Counterstrike gamers should take note that the A Long spot at T Spawn is a popular grenade spot. This area allows the gamer to have an overview of the A site. When in this position, it’s vital to keep track of enemy movement on A long otherwise you might be caught off guard from other angles. There are two main ways to throw grenades from here; you can either prefire or use a jump flash grenade.

2. The Cross

Another particularly important grenade attack to master occurs when setting up the “Cross”. The key is not to rely on creating a perfect smoke screen since you could easily get out maneuvered as you set it up.

Attackers like these spots for their ease, so it’s best to be aware of your surroundings and traps that might be waiting for you, like a sniper! That’s why it’s even more crucial in this case to learn how to throw the grenade across the crosshair, such that it clears the roofs and cover of opposing players and makes them tricky to get a bead on.

3. Smoke X-box

The third best location for using a grenade in Dust 2 is the smoke X-box. The gamer needs to use the game character’s stairs (which gives them an A-line) and come up at either the cars or somewhere within the garage. Afterwards, they should then jump up on top of the truck through where the wall meets the truck.

4. Smoke The Corner Flashover

This is the fourth-best site for using grenades in the Dust 2 map. The smoke is a flashover from the building corner. Suppose a player wants to flash over the smoke from the corner, they would benefit from passing this wall then taking advantage of the height advantage associated with being close enough to jump off but not too close as to risk injury by landing on it.

5. From The Skylight

Another cool feature in this grenade spot is that you are able to shoot an enemy without being spotted when leaving the area. Gamers can throw grenades on certain parts of the map, which can be very useful.

Since gamers will not get spotted when they enter or leave a room, they need to be aware that enemies could take cover and wait for them at other spots on the level because they do not have a clear view of that particular area.

6. Mid To A Short

One of the most interesting things about the Dust 2 map is going from Mid to the A Short region. In this area of Counter-Strike, many players get sniped due to a lack of caution when making their way down this short path. But there’s a quick trick that can reduce your risk of sniper fire: throw a grenade down at the ground so it lands right in front of the doorway into A and then rush back behind cover on Mid.

7. Rush B

Another good grenade spot in the game is the Rush B. It is a spot that gamers can quickly rush into without being hindered by any of the opposing team due to the narrowness of this entry. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself at a disadvantage and unable to see because of your opponent’s sniper rifle.

8. Short Stairs

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Short Stairs is a location on the Dust 2 entry point for one team where players commonly use an incendiary grenade to keep the opposing team from pushing through. However, it is important to note that skillful opponents can still push through if there is fire in the area because they will jump over it just as swiftly as you. As a result, any players defending this position should be ready for combat to be able to avoid losing their advantage at Short Stairs .

9. B Main Flash

There are a lot of spots on the counter strike: Global Offensive Dust 2 map that gamers can utilize to their advantage. One of them is overlooking the B main bypass in the second part of the Dust 2 map. Those who have a comprehensive understanding of this particular corner should use it to throw grenades into the open area, blinding enemies and making it easy for teammates to swiftly move forward and eliminate them.

10. Lower Tunnels

In the Dust 2 map, there is a spot which is good for eliminating players that are moving through or hiding in it. A grenade thrown when the counter-terrorist player targets where the middle part at the bottom of the tunnel would land hits the tunnel with great accuracy and eliminates him/her. In Dust 2 map, lower tunnels can be considered a strategic grenade spot.

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