Lawnmowers- What Are Its Various Types with Their Features?

Lawnmowers are the essential kit that helps maintain the yard and lawn care. It will prevent the lawn from getting the lawn overgrown so that the place can be clean. There are a variety of options available for the people. The person can select the option that they think will fulfill their requirement.

There is no doubt that no matter which mower a person selects, it will create a lot of noise. In this situation, the person should always keep in mind to protect the ears so that he does not face any difficulties. The best types of the lawnmowers available for the people are as follows:

Lawn Traction

These are the option that is known to most people. When a person thinks of buying the mowers, these front-mounted options come into the person’s mind. If the lawns are more significant, they will be the best option.

  • The size of the engine of these kinds of tractors ranges from 18 to 25 horsepower.
  • They generally have a single or double cylinder as per the person’s model.
  • If we consider the basic lawn tractors, they will have the lever-operated gear transmission while the upgraded version has the variable information.


Zero Turn Mowers


Zero-turn mowers are known to be the Ferrari of the mowing world. However, if we talk about the Scag zero turn lawn mowers, their control is by the lap in the front seat that will operate the hydrostatic transmission at the rear wheels.


  • These are the mowers that provide the people with better performance in cutting the grass, as a result of which there will be proper finishing.
  • If the shape of the lawn is irregular shapes, then these mowers will provide the person with the best experience compared to other available options.
  • Deck width in this case of the mowers ranges from 32 to 60 inches.
  • Even the size of the engine must range from 12 and 25 horsepower according to the models a person selects.

Rear Engine Riding Mower

These are the mowers that will be the best option for the lawns that are moderate in size. They provide the person with a comfortable environment to clean the grass properly. These mowers have the engine at the rear of the machine, under the driving seat.

  • The size f the engine of these mowers has the ranges of 10 and 11.
  • Their operation is through the variable transmission and has, in general, one cylinder for its working.
  • These are the options that are suitable for the lawns that are 2.5 acres in total.
  • If the size of the lawn is more than 3 acres, then a person should avoid using this option.

Cylinder Mower

Cylindrical mowers are also known to be the reel mowers by some people. It is the option with the rotating cylindrical blades available at the front of the mowers. The action performed by this machine is somewhat similar to the scissor; it just traps the grass in between the blades and then just slices it off.

  • They are mainly used in places that are flat and not on uneven surfaces that are available.
  • They are the best option for the soft grass that is small in size. However, cutting the log grass through this instrument is a difficult task.
  • If the season is growing, the person should use this machine at least twice a week to get the best results.
  • Even the machine’s service is required to get the best results after a regular period.

Rotary Mowers

These are the type of walk-along mowers that most people use. They have just a single lade that moves very high in the vertical direction to get the best results. The people use rotary machines for cutting the grass that is longer in size.


  • The cut that a person receives from the rotary is less accurate than the cylindrical mowers.
  • It is known to be available in the market in various models. Therefore, the person can select the models as per the requirement.

Push Mowers

As the name of the mowers selects the sit h machine that a person has to pull with the hand to clean the lawn. The working of the mower is all on the person who is pulling it from one place to another. The main reason for their popularity is that they are light in weight and laps easy to handle. This means that a person can easily carry this mower from one place to another.

  • Push mowers will provide the person with the day’s exercise to make the person a healthy one. The person using this does not face any health issues.
  • The lawns available on the flat surface can use this option as using them on hills becomes difficult.
  • People with a small area use this option as it is a labor-intensive machine for the people.

Hover Mower

These are the lawnmower that generally lies above the ground. As they are above the ground level, this will reduce the level of friction, which leads to the easy use of the mowers. A person can quickly move them in a different direction as per the requirement.

  • It provides complete freedom of use as per the requirement.
  • They are generally available at a reasonable rate in the market.
  • There is one limitation regarding the power; they seem to have less power.
  • They are electric-powered and are suitable for small lawns.

Electric Powered Mower

These are the mowers that are the result of the advancement in technology and run with the help of electricity. They are mainly used in the low the medium space of the lawns by the people. 

  • The weight of the machine is so light that they are easy to handle in any situation. As long as the people have electricity, they can use this option.
  • They are affordable for the people as it ranges from 100$ to 250$.
  • Electric-powered mowers provide the person with consistent and the best results as per the requirement.
  • Even there is no requirement for charging the battery in case of these machines.

These are the various types of mowers that are available for the people. The person can select the owners they think will be the best option for them. Most people prefer Scag zero turn lawn mowers as they are affordable and provide quality results.

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