My.Games Is One Of The Top Investors In The Computer Games Industry 

With high-tech graphics, the gaming industry is gaining momentum throughout the world, along with list of pubg betting sites The rising demand is challenging the game developers and producers to be at the edge of innovation all the time.

Moscow based game publisher, distributor, and developer My.Games have come up as a big name in the gaming industry. It offers various games for all, irrespective of their preferred genre, platform, and preference. 

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My.Games Being The Biggest Investor In The Gaming Industry

There is no limit to improving gamers’ graphics, sound, and overall gaming experience when they battle against real-looking bots. It is like a well where the more you invest, the better the outcome. 

This is exactly what My. Games are for the gamers. It has recently been seen investing huge capital in growing as a leading game creator with other giants. Partnership with dozens of partner studios makes it one of the biggest investors in the industry. You can watch football here 

My.Games Gaming Partners

It seems that My. Games are as passionate about developing high-tech games as their consumers. It has partnered up with three online game developing giants to bring innovative results. 

Following are the three companies My.Games has developed recent working relations with: 

  • Minsk-based mobile puzzle games developer Appyfurious Studio.
  • Cyprus-based mobile hyper-casual games developer and publisher AppLife Studio, with plans to acquire a controlling stake.
  • Minsk-based mobile match-3 games developer Purple Games Studio. The investment was made alongside the US-based The Games Funds. 

Investment To Develop And Publish Modern Games

The highly competitive environment of the gaming industry is forcing every game developer and distributor to push their limits. My.Games reacting to the latest curve have developed 150 games up till now.

It holds more than ten in-house development teams creating games for Pc, Consoles, and smartphones. 

Results Of Heavy Investment By My.Games For Game Development

As a result of being the number one investor in the gaming industry, My.Games have recently launched games that have reached millions. The new technological investment has led the company to provide an extraordinary gaming experience to its consumers.

The investment has brought profits to My.Games as well as its gaming partners. For instance, popular for puzzle games, Bounceville stories, Appyfurious Studio has created approximately 20 new online games. The total number of its downloads has crossed 40M. It has all been possible through game-changing investment by My.Games.

My.Games second game development partner Applife Studios is also not the same anymore. Popular for casual and hyper-casual games, the company has released several games that are appreciated by gamers. It has reached 500k installs in total. 

Purple Games Studio is known for Match-3 and Farming games. The popular game Greenvale-Match to Harvest has reached a total of 16k downloads. 

All the partners, along with My.Games, plan to boom the market through reinvesting the capital. They really have no plans to stop the progress.

My.Games The Investment Beast 

The gaming industry is expected to see a rise in the upcoming years. The world is looking towards the gaming industry to make profits by exploring new ventures. My.Games, being a game developing giant, is working proactively to lead the market. 

In the past three years, it has closed 34 deals that are expected to shape up new trends in the gaming industry. 

For your knowledge…

Up till now, it has taken 100% control over mobile games developers Pixonic, SWAG MASHA, Panzerdog, InGame, BitGames, and a group of companies operating under the ESforce brand. It has recently put heavy capital on mobile games developer Hypematers also. 


My.Games are bringing new revolutions to the gaming industry. It won’t be wrong if we label them as gaming tycoons. It is only investing in the creation of games with extraordinary graphics and sound qualities. In addition, it is not missing out on gamers’ preferred genres and platforms.

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