Memphis Interior Design: A Go-To Guide To Get The Look

Fashion trends tend to come back into style after a certain period. Sooner or later, many fashion trends regain popularity. And whether you love it or not, the iconic 80s Memphis design is making its avant-garde comeback. Let’s look at this trend of our time! 

What is the Memphis style?

The Memphis fashion movement emerged as a postmodern concept. In 1980, designers Ettore Sottsass, Andrea Branzi, and Michele De Lucchi founded in Milan the Memphis Group. Also known as Memphis Milano, it was a postmodern design and architecture group. Interestingly, they named their organization after a Bob Dylan record that was played on the day of its founding (“Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”). 

This organization existed for only seven years, but during this time it managed to make a significant contribution to the sphere of the world’s interior and fashion design. Its members professed departure from conventional standards and freedom of self-expression and created postmodern patterns, fabrics, and furniture items. Extravagant Memphis style surprised people with its spectacularity and visual content and inspired many designers to create original projects. It was an iconic blend of futurism, pop art, postmodernism, and kitsch.

The Key Characteristics of Memphis Design

Designers from the Memphis Group loved to mix bizarre colorful things. Some critics consider such a design funny and not serious, but the love for it does not fade and Memphis has come back. Let’s find out what design elements define this style:

  1. Bright neon colors. Memphis designers also combined them with monochrome shades that provide clarity and contrast. So, black and white “checkerboard” perfectly harmonizes with bright crimson and pastel blue.
  2. Unusual geometry. You can recognize Memphis style by the use of clear geometrical lines in furniture and the principle of “color block” in its color scheme. For example, a black cube table and armchairs in pop art style will be perfect for the living room. Asymmetry is also welcome.
  3. Unusual combinations of materials and unusual shapes. For finishing, as a rule, use inexpensive materials (laminate, plexiglass, plastic), which are combined in some incredible ways. An armchair, for example, can have smooth glossy leather upholstery and plastic legs.

Speaking of shapes, it is important to say that the Memphis Group members suggested choosing side tables or other design objects with round or triangular legs instead of more common ones. Drawings and patterns are another key characteristic of Memphis interior design. These can be collages, illustrations, pop art drawings, or posters depicting frames from movies. For the kitchen, you can use a combination of tiles with different 

geometric patterns or ornaments. Quirky graphic elements could also look great in the living room or work room. And gaming enthusiasts who spend much time playing the latest video games or gates of olympus slots may incorporate some Memphis elements into the gaming room. Then the gaming hub can look like a retro-futuristic place. 

However, creating a fascinating Memphis interior design is not an easy task because of its philosophy. There are no ready-made solutions and schemes to use. As a postmodern style, Memphis is more about playing with structures than finding solutions. The more variety in the interior, the more original it will be. If you don’t want to incorporate a Memphis style into a home to its fullest, there is an option for you. You can opt for neutral colors instead of neon ones and combine them with bright accents (unusual furniture items). For example, you can incorporate into your garden or living room a bench chair made of plexiglass or a table made of laminated plastic. 

There you go! Memphis style is all about experiments and non-standard thinking. If creativity is your style, then this 80s iconic trend would be a perfect match for you. Memphis is a bright celebration of freedom every day, colorful chaos in which genius borders on the absurd. With its help, it is easy to create a space in which you will not be bored.

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