7 Apps to Delete Instagram Posts – In Mass

To delete mass Instagram posts, you just need to download and install one of the many deletion apps available on iOS and Android. After you select the posts, you want to delete, you can delete them from your Instagram account. If you want to delete mass Instagram posts on the app itself, then there are a few apps that can do that really well. However, you would need to log in to your account in order to delete all your posts from Instagram.

As Instagram allows you to delete single posts and all one-by-one, you can do so if you have very few posts on your account. Previously, a guide explained how to delete all Instagram posts at once, which works great. This article discusses additional apps that can be used to delete mass Instagram posts. Some of these apps in the below list may not work as these are removed and denied access from Instagram.

List Of Best Apps to Delete Instagram Posts:

Now, here are the best apps that can delete your posts in mass and remove them from your Instagram account.

Instant Cleaner:

The Instant Cleaner app is the best way for users to remove mass Instagram posts or pictures. Just click and delete all of your Instagram posts.

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Features of Instant Cleaner:

  • This app helps to block bulk followers on your Instagram.
  • This can mass remove followers from your Instagram account.
  • This is a highly convenient tool for the selection of all posts.
  • Different accounts are supported on the Instant Cleaner app.

Steps To Follow:

There are a few simple steps that you can follow to delete mass posts using this app.

To use the Instant Cleaner app,

  • Firstly, download and install the Instant Cleanerapp on your mobile.
  • After downloading an app, log in to Instagram via the instant cleaner and then move forward to the posts area.
  • Do a selection of multiple photos which you want to delete from Instagram.
  • Once you select the posts, then click on the delete button from the toolbar.

After that, selected photos will be deleted from your Instagram with this app.

Cleaner For Instagram:

The Cleaner for the Instagram app is a great way to delete posts on your Instagram account.

Features of Cleaner for Instagram:

  • Cleaner For Instagram provides cloud service and continues pending work in the background.
  • Cleaner For Instagram has an activity log with an undo option.
  • You can delete all posts using Cleaner for Instagram.
  • It can mass download posts for backup.
  • Gives support to filters, and many accounts.

Steps To Follow:

Cleaner For Instagram is an app that can delete all of your Instagram posts at once. To delete your posts, follow these steps:

To use the Cleaner For Instagram app,

  • Firstly, download & install the Cleaner For Instagram
  • After launching, you can remove unnecessary accounts that should be unfollowed.
  • Select all the posts on Instagram that you want to remove.
  • Now, choose the delete option to delete the old photos and all related stuff.

Video on Deleting Multiple Instagram Photos:

Mass Delete For Instagram:

Looking to mass delete your Instagram posts? Check out Mass Delete For Instagram – it’s one of the best apps around for doing just that!

Some features and steps for this app are below:

Features of Mass Delete For Instagram:

  • Mass Delete For Instagram can help remove followers and posts.
  • This can help to produce engagement & helps to manage all DMs.
  • This app can Bulk delete Instagram posts.
  • Mass Delete For Instagram has a feature to schedule posts.

Steps To Follow:

The steps to mass deleting your Instagram photos are easy and quick to follow.

To use the Mass Delete For Instagram app,

  • First of all, download & install the ‘Mass Delete For Instagram’ app on your mobile.
  • Now, log in with your Instagram account and go to the dashboard.
  • Just click on ‘select all’ to delete the Instagram posts at a time.
  • Finally, tap on the delete button to remove posts in bulk.

Un-follower On Instagram:

Un-follower For Instagram is an app that lets users delete all of their Instagram posts with one click.

Features of Un-follower For Instagram:

  • This app allows users to send direct messages.
  • You can delete mass followers from your Instagram account.
  • This can show all videos and photo contacts that others share on Instagram.

Steps To Follow:

You can delete all your followers’ posts from your Instagram account just by removing those ones.

To use the Un-follower For Instagram app,

  • Firstly, install the free app ‘Un-follower For Instagram ‘on the device.
  • This app will automatically show the users who follow you or the unfollowers on your profile.
  • You can just remove them or the posts just from the app dashboard by selecting them all.

Insta-cleaner For Instagram:

Insta-cleaner is the best app to use if you want to delete all of your Instagram posts at once.

Features of Insta-cleaner For Instagram:

  • The best feature of Insta-cleaner For Instagram is fast and simple to use.
  • You can delete mass followers in bulk and posts at once.
  • You can delete all of the posted videos from Instagram.

Steps To Follow:

You can use the app Insta-cleaner For Instagram to delete posts in bulk and remove mass followers.’

To delete mass posts from Instagram, and use the Insta-cleaner For the Instagram app,

  • Firstly, install the Insta-cleaner For Instagram on your device.
  • Then log in with your Instagram credentials and go to the dashboard of the app.
  • Now, select the posts to delete from the Insta-cleaner For Instagram app.
  • Tap on delete and all of the posts will be deleted from your Instagram account.

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The app also helps to delete your comments and you can also change your password. You can see the best apps to delete your Instagram posts below.

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