Instagram Reel Tutorial To Hook Followers

Are you one of those who want to build a loyal fan following on Instagram? Well! Instagram reels might be the shortcut you were searching for. They can take you on your road to success. IG reels are found most engaging by their millions of users. Today, we will explore some easy tips by which you can hook your flowers with your reels to make them watch full reels till the end. Keep Reading!

Why Do We Need To Hook Followers To Our Instagram? 

Instagram is a massive platform that is full of amazing content creators. It puts a lot of pressure on content creators to make quality content that matches the set benchmarks of other content creators. Standing out in this tough competition can be difficult. So, you need to make your reels engaging enough to get people hooked on your content and check your profile to enjoy your other edits.   

Pro Tips to Hook Your Followers 

Connecting with your audience is a significant aspect of getting more views, audience engagement, new followers, loyal fans, or online friends. Follow the below tips to hook your followers and make them watch your reels till the end. 

Add Music 

Music can be your secret weapon to catch a viewer’s attention within 5 seconds of the beginning. It is effective to add a relevant song or a song section that matches your reel’s content. Try using trending music in your IG reels to get more views. helps you to download reels with trending audio and use that audio in your reels.

Watch Till End

You should add screen captions to your IG reels. They look catchy to viewers and grab attention. You must also have noticed that whenever you see an Instagram reel starting with the “Watch Till End” tag on it, you mostly end up watching that entire reel.

Save This Video 

Writing “Save this Video” in your caption also grabs viewers’ attention immediately. It is also a powerful technique to indicate that your reel contains something meaningful and that your viewers need to see it immediately or save it to watch later. Also, try writing your caption in fancy fonts. You can also use an Instagram font generator to get fancy fonts.

Stop Scrolling  

Stop scrolling in another hook technique content creators use to increase their reach and number of views. People often give their thumbs a halt while scrolling when they notice a reel starting with a voice to stop scrolling and listen to the information.  

Like and Reply to Comments 

To keep your followers hooked on your content is not enough until you don’t appreciate their efforts to leave a comment under your reels. You must read, like, reply, and pin the best comments in your free time. 

You can also write in your caption that the first commenters will get a pin. It makes your followers feel acknowledged, and they look forward to your new reels and try to be the top commenters.  

Final Word 

Instagram reels have become a part of our everyday lives, or, more precisely, our daily habit of scrolling. We all love to scroll through them in our leisure time. However, if you are a content creator, you should know that connecting with your audience is the key to success. Making your followers hook with your content/reels is a two-way road that can take you to the top of trends and make your Insta reel go viral. Today, we discussed the Instagram reel tutorial to hook followers. 

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