How To Remove Instagram Shadow ban – Detailed Guide

You can remove the Instagram shadow ban by preventing bot activity on your account. Instagram doesn’t allow users to use bots. Disable all other Third-Party app logins. Don’t use any hashtags which are restricted or banned by Instagram. If this doesn’t work, then take a break from Instagram for days or weeks.

How To Remove Instagram Shadowban:

To remove the Instagram shadow ban, you have the following things to maintain:

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Honor Instagram’s Terms of Service:

As you use Instagram, follow the terms and conditions, i.e., Instagram guidelines. Note restrictions on user actions. Ensure you have the right to share something before posting publicly, as copyright violation may result otherwise.

Instagram does not permit nudity, with the exception of artworks like paintings or sculptures. It also does not allow any form of harassment, such as spamming, and strictly prohibits illegal content, like terrorism, prostitution, and the sale of firearms and drugs.

If you share any videos on Instagram that depict graphic violence, they will be removed. Additionally, there are some other restrictions in place, such as prohibitions against hate speech or abusive comments, that can result in a ban if violated. To avoid these penalties, simply make sure to adhere to Instagram’s guidelines.

Disable logins on All Third-Party Apps:

If you use third-party apps to log in to your Instagram account, you could be shadow banned. Because Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to use third-party apps, disable all the logins on third-party apps if you don’t want to be shadow banned.

To disable all logins and remove active account logins, follow the steps.

Steps To Follow:

  • Open the Instagram app and log in to your account, and you will be redirected to the Instagram Home Page.
  • Click on your profile icon from the bottom right corner, and after that, you enter your Instagram profile page.
  • After entering your Instagram profile page, tap the “three parallel lines” icon and tap on the “Settings” to go to the settings.
  • After that, probably in the middle, you can see the option ‘Security.’ Click on it.
    Inside this section, tap on the option ‘Apps and websites under the section ‘Data and history.’
  • After that, you can have three columns: ‘Active,’ ‘Expired,’ and ‘Removed.’ If you log in to any third-party apps, it will be shown in the ‘Active’ list.

You need to tap it and click on the ‘Remove’ option, then click ‘Remove’ again and Instagram will remove your account from third-party apps.

Video on How to Remove Instagram Shadowban:

Don’t Use Restricted Hashtags:

As all social media users are aware, Hashtags play an important role in every post. However, some Hashtags are restricted on Instagram due to the fact that they contain inappropriate content. This goes against the terms and conditions set by Instagram. Consequently, it is important to be mindful of which Hashtags are used in order to avoid any penalties.

Instagram will sometimes ban specific hashtags from its server in order to keep the feed clean and protect users from harmful content. If you include banned hashtags in your post, Instagram will hide the list from the feed, which may reduce your organic reach and account visibility.

Do not use hashtags that are banned by Instagram, as this will result in your account being removed from search and potentially being shadow banned. If you have used a restricted Hashtag before, delete it immediately, and keep in mind that you will have to avoid this type of restricted Hashtag in the future. Even if you are using the same hashtags multiple times for a post, Instagram will ban your account.

Take a Break for Days or Weeks:

There are a few ways to avoid getting banned on Instagram. According to former shadow-banned victims, the most effective way is to avoid using the app.

It’s a good idea to take a break from your Instagram account every once in a while. This will reduce the chances of your account being banned permanently. You can say that this process works as a “reset” for your Instagram account. But keep one thing in mind when you come back again to use your app: follow the Instagram community guidelines.

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