An Overview About Automate Browser Testing

An average internet user can mention a list of browsers without thinking for long. Apart from the popular browsers there are numerous ones that are used all across the world. It would not indicate that the QA team has to test each and every product on them. An interesting feature is that till 2020, Google Chrome has gone on to release 86 versions and everyone has not gone on to update all of them.

The task of a tester is to ensure that a majority of the people extend support to the software. When you are clicking through different browsers in a manual way it is an ideal way to figure out their functionality. Though  it is not that difficult till it would emerge in case of all product features on numerous browser combinations. An automate browser testing turns out to be a life saver in such cases.

The need for browser testing

Browser testing encompasses a module of non – functional tests as an entire check on the company’s software is possible. Hence it becomes an easy task to figure out whether a product would be working on different browsers or not. 

In some cases the software functions would perform well on certain browser types. By cross browser testing the QA team can detect those bugs and ensures that the software provides a consistent experience across various platforms.

Browser testing is bound to target specific compatibility points that showcases an user experience as part of the overall experience. If you are able to locate them quickly and debug them it would prevent an audience from alienating your product. A growing number of platforms or tasks would go on to make the task easier or complicated to achieve it in a manual way.

For a browser testing, automation should be considered in the following cases

  • There  is a need to check on the various forms of web environment. Hence you need to figure out the various types of devices, operating systems or resolution- which would ensure complete coverage
  • You need to have tight deadlines, as there is an opportunity of running parallel tests would speeding up debugging and lead to subsequent releases.
  • A clear report is to be made available on the test results and feedback for the stakeholders is to be provided. It would be necessary for a business to take note of the potential pitfalls.

Once again a point to consider is that there is no need to check out on the various combinations. It would be impossible as it may be better if you begin with the statistics. An example is Google Chrome is one of the popular web browsers among the users. These type of tests would be performed in various environments and this would be an ideal way to automate browser testing.

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The benefits of automated testing

You have to take into consideration the fact that browser testing is too tedious for a human being.

  • The process of automation would be available with a wide range of features like screenshots, VPN along with screen recording. It would be showing page redention at numerous locations.
  • It is possible to test browsers at a parallel location- You may be able to check the same set of browsers across different scenarios.
  • The process of automation would keep testing efficient along with the software scales at a higher level. A point to consider is that test suite would develop functionality as the scope of the work increases.

To sum up things automation is a better way of dealing with scalability . These are some arguments to consider.

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