10 best free Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook

10 best free Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook is a prominent part of Microsoft Office Suite, and offers a blend of Calendar, Tasks manager, Contact manager, Note-taking tools, and Journal. Microsoft has ensured that Outlook is available on all non-Windows platforms, resulting in increased popularity for the product. However, many people are unaware of the free Outlook extensions that can change the way you work with the email client.

We’ve already looked at how to install or enable Outlook add-ins. Today, let’s take a look at some of the best free add-ins for Microsoft Outlook.

Best Add-ins for Outlook

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Some of the best add-ins for Outlook are:

  1. Giphy
  2. Evernote for Outlook
  3. Join.me Meetings for Office 365
  4. Tilkee
  5. Leave Request for Outlook
  6. Asana for Outlook
  7. FindTime
  8. DeviantArt
  9. Attachments
  10. Zoho CRM for email

To find out more about these add-ons, read on.

1] Giphy

If you love Cat GIFs but don’t want to spend the time searching for them, the Giphy extension for Gmail can help. With this extension, you can easily search for and insert relevant GIFs into your emails. The extension comes with hundreds of curated GIFs, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Plus, it’s easy to use – simply go to the search bar, search for the relevant GIF, and insert it into the email.

2] Evernote for Outlook

If you’re an Evernote user, this extension is definitely one of your must-haves. It’s easy for important communication to get lost in an overcrowded inbox, and the same goes for project ideas and other micro research that could be useful for your work. With this powerful Evernote extension, you can now harness the power of email and organize important threads and attachments by clipping them into Evernote. This way, you can access your clipped emails from any device that supports Evernote, including your smartphone.

3] Join.me Meetings for Office 365

With the join.me add-in for Office 365, you can quickly and easily add join.me meeting details and invitations to your calendar events. This add-on is only useful for join.me links, so you’ll need to have a join.me account in order to use it.

4] Tilkee

Tilkee is a great way to track your business proposals and also predict the taxation part of it. The best part is that Tilkee analyzes the prospects reading behavior and helps you understand whether they will be signing the deal or if you need to make amends. However, you will need a Tilkee account for this.

5] Leave Request for Outlook

This add-in might be handy for you if you work in an organization where employees often take breaks and you want to track them minutely. You can approve or reject the leave request via Outlook after installing this add-in. The best thing is that you can approve or reject multiple requests in bulk, which can create your productivity. It also comes with a translation feature so that you can get the native language all the time.

6] Asana for Outlook

If you find that you’re frequently meeting new people and don’t have time for additional appointments, you may want to try FindTime, an add-in for Outlook that provides a calendar view of your appointments. However, you must have an Office 365 account to use it.

8] DeviantArt

If you frequently insert art into your emails, this add-in will be handy for you. You can insert almost anything into your email with the help of this add-in, whether you want to reply to one or all. The add-in will display the art in your email.

9] Attachments

The Attachments add-in for Outlook can help you manage all those email attachments more easily. This add-in displays all attachments in one place so that you can download or view them without any hassle. In other words, it works like a file manager inside your Outlook email.

10] Zoho CRM for email

If you manage your documents, email, and invoices using Zoho, you can find this Outlook add-in quite handy. It allows you to integrate your entire Zoho account into Outlook, so you can use all of its services alongside Outlook. Whether you want to use it for personal or business purposes, you might find this add-in quite helpful.

What is the best add-in for Outlook?

The best add-in for your needs depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to send GIFs, try Giphy. If you want to integrate Evernote with Outlook, try the Evernote for Outlook add-in. You can find a suitable add-in for almost any purpose.

Is there an add-in for Outlook?

Yes, there are multiple add-ins available for Outlook. You can install and use some of them on the desktop app or the web version for free without any error.

Wrapping it up

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client by both home users and enterprise users. It is known for its robust feature set. Microsoft has been supplementing the Outlook offering with useful extensions. This only pronounces the utilitarian front of the software. If you happen to use any other Outlook extension that deserves the place above, let us know in the comment section below.

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