Fix problems, errors and issues

Email services may block some Fix problems, errors and issues. In most cases, these errors are easy to diagnose and fix. Sometimes, however, they require more investigation. The following are some of the instances in which users may experience issues with, as well as the remedial measures available to them.

Fix problems

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Primarily, issues related to are noticed when-

  • Email messages, attachments, and features
  • Connecting of Outlook to

Outlook Update in progress

TheUser’s account may become stuck during an update with the “Update in progress” message. It is advisable not to take any action as a fix for this issue is rolled out automatically by the service provider.

Old Bookmarks not working in Outlook

The official name of Microsoft’s email service is Outlook, not Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail. So, if you’ve bookmarked your inbox for Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, or, please change the bookmark to

Outlook on iOS 11 does not send mail

A bug in iOS 11 has caused users to be locked out of Microsoft software like Office and The problem occurs when trying to send email from iOS 11, with a message reading “Cannot Send Mail. The message was rejected by the server.” This affects email from, Office 365, or an Exchange Server 2016 running on Windows Server 2016. The fix is to update to iOS 11.0.1.

My status always showing as Available

Sometimes users may experience problems with bookmarks or My status showing as Available. Here’s how to resolve this quickly.

When you sign in to, your account status is set to “Available” by default. However, you can change your account status in or Skype so that your contacts will know whether you are available to chat or ready to receive a Skype call. To keep your account status from being reset to “Available” every time you sign in to, simply select the “Keep me signed in” box at the sign in prompt. This will keep you signed in even when the browser is closed, so your contacts will always know your status.

You may notice some problems with your email account appearing as:

Outlook_[long series of letters and numbers]

Some users have reported having issues with their account when they have multiple account aliases. An alias is like a nickname for your account that can be an email address, phone number, or Skype name. It uses the same inbox, contact list, and account settings as the primary alias. To avoid any problem related to the above issue, go to and sign in to your account.

In Outlook for Windows, you can make your email your primary alias by removing and re-adding the account.

Open Outlook and select the File tab. Under Account Information, choose ‘Add Account.’ Enter your name and email address.

Enter the email address and password for the account you want to add. Retype your password, then choose Next. Finally, click Finish when you see the “congratulations” message. Restart Outlook to complete the process. sending email as ‘On behalf of’ your account

You can’t send an email from a secondary account like Gmail or Yahoo if your primary account is The email will be sent “On behalf of” your primary account.

To avoid this issue, add the secondary connected accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) in as additional accounts in the Outlook profile.

  • Open up Outlook and select “File.”
  • Next, choose “Add Account” under “Account Information.”
  • On the Auto Account Setup page, enter your name, email address and password, then choose Next.
  • Click ‘Finish’.

Error sharing Calendar from to Office 365 business account

The last issue is when you try to subscribe to a shared calendar using your Office 365 for the Business account in Outlook 2016 and get the error message “Something went wrong.” Re-accepting an invitation from Outlook on the WebIf you’ve already clicked the Accept button in Outlook 2016, you won’t be able to re-accept the invitation in Outlook on the Web. To get a new invitation, the person who sent you the invitation will need to remove your permissions and then send a new invitation.

Navigation arrows are missing

If the navigation arrows are missing in, follow these steps:

  • To use the navigation arrows in your Inbox, you must have at least two email messages. If you have only one message, the arrows will not work.
  • To open an email on your screen, click on it once. Then, find the arrow icons in the top-right corner.It can be
  • difficult to find a good time to open an email, especially if you’re trying to avoid spoilers.

Your message can’t be displayed right now

If you’re getting the “Your message can’t be displayed right now” error in, follow these steps:

  • Clear your cache and cookiesNo matter which browser you use to access the Outlook Web client, you need to
  • clear the cookies and cache in order to fix this issue.
  • Your internet connection may be experiencing difficulties.
  • You can improve your internet connection by switching to a different Wi-Fi network or internet source.

How do I troubleshoot and fix problems with Outlook?

If you’re using Outlook for your email, you might sometimes run into problems. To fix these issues, you need to first identify the error message or code. Then, follow the steps below depending on the issue you’re having. If the problem is with your internet connection or browser settings, you can try adjusting those.

How do I fix email sync issues?

To fix email synchronization issues, you need to check the email client first. There could be times when the in-built Outlook client might not be able to fetch new emails. In such a situation, you need to check your internet connection and synchronization settings you have set earlier for your email account.

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