Group emails not sending or coming to my Inbox in Outlook – Guide

The shared mailbox features are useful to group people to monitor and send emails from a dedicated account. Outlook on different computers has multiple instances running this shared inbox. However, Group emails coming to Outlook Inbox not sent or received may be resolved by following the steps below.

Group emails not sending or coming to my Inbox in Outlook

The user reports that group inbox, WFP, SEO, and SPP, are not working in the application. There is a problem with the shared inbox not updating and the user not receiving emails. This is caused by a broken Outlook profile. There are three possible solutions that could help resolve the issue:

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  • Turn Off Cache Mode
  • Recreate the Outlook Profile
  • Repair corrupt Outlook PST & OST personal data files

While the second solution is a better solution, the first one may also work and takes little time. So give it a try else, recreate the Outlook profile.

Turn Off Cache Mode

Disable your Android’s cache mode and uncheck the option to download shared folders in Outlook, then restart Outlook. This should help resolve the issue if your cache was preventing Outlook from downloading new emails or sending them out. Once your cache is cleared, the download process will restart based on your settings; it will prioritize recent emails.

  • Open Account properties and switch to the Advanced Tab
  • Uncheck the Use Cached Exchange Mode; Download shared folder options.
  • Restart Outlook
  • If it doesn’t work, you remove Full access to the mailbox and then Re-add it.

Repair corrupt Outlook PST & OST personal data files

If your Outlook PST or OST file becomes corrupt, you can use the Scanpst.exe tool to repair it. This tool is located in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16 folder, depending on the version of Office you are using.

The file that you’re trying to open in Outlook To open a PST file in Outlook, you will need to close the file, select the PST file, and then choose to repair it. The tool that you’re using to open the PST file will back up the existing PST file, so you won’t have to worry about the data.

Outlook provides the OST Integrity Check Tool to verify the soundness of an OST file, as well as third-party tools such as the OLFix Tool and the Stellar PST Viewer to scan and view the contents of damaged or corrupted Outlook data files.

Recreate the Outlook Profile

It’s a standard process, and anyone using Outlook can do it. However, it has to be done from outside Outlook.

  • Open Run prompt using Win + R
  • Type Control and press the Enter key
  • Click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook) to open the Mail Setup window
  • Then Click on the Show Profiles button to view all the listed profiles on your PC. Usually, there is one profile.
  • After that Click on the Add, button to create a new Profile, and follow the Add Account wizard to add your mail account.
  • Select the Always to use this profile radio button.
  • Select the old profile, and click on the Remove button.
  • Launch Outlook again and let it synchronize with the exchange.

I hope this was an easy post to follow, and that you were able to fix the problem with group emails not sending or coming to my inbox in Outlook. It’s usually a corrupt cache or Outlook profile which can be fixed easily.

Can you group inboxes in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook items are grouped automatically by date. You can also create your own groupings, or use standard arrangements to group items manually. For your Inbox, you can filter by Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, and Older. For documents, some standard arrangements let you group by Categories, Size, Subject, and Importance.

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