create edit and delete Recurring Calendar Appointment in Outlook

create edit and delete Recurring Calendar Appointment in Outlook that is used worldwide by users to send and receive emails from one another. Although primarily an email client, Outlook also includes features such as calendaring, task management, contact management, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing. In Outlook, users can even set a recurring appointment, event, or meeting series – especially handy for annual meetings or appointments you want to follow up on.

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How to create a Recurring Calendar Appointment in Outlook

Launch Outlook.

To open the Calendar in Outlook, click the Calendar button on the bottom left of the interface.

From the Home tab, click the New Appointment button in the New group. Next, compose your appointment and click the Recurrence button.

An Appointment Recurrence dialog box will open.

In the dialog box under the Appointment Time section, you can set the start date, end date, and duration. You can set the recurrence pattern for your event (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly). There’s no need to set a recurring event more than once. Simply choose the day of the week you want it to occur, and how often you want it to recur, and it will automatically happen.

  • You can also set the range of recurrence.
  • Set your recurrence setting, then click OK.
  • Now click the Save and Close button.

How to edit recurring calendar item in Outlook

Click the occurrence on the calendar, then click Open Occurrence on the context menu.

Edit the series by clicking on the “Edit Series” button in the “Options” group.

Click the “Edit Recurrences” link to open the Appointment Recurrence dialog box. Make your changes, then click “OK.”

After you finish editing, click the Save and Close button.

How to delete a recurring calendar item in Outlook

To delete a single occurrence from your recurring calendar, right-click the calendar and select Delete Occurrences. If you want to delete all the occurrences in the recurring calendar series, click Delete Series.

How do I edit a calendar in Outlook?

In Outlook, you can change your calendar settings to better reflect your needs. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Click on a date in the calendar and edit it.
  • A reminder dialog box will appear when you press Enter.
  • In the dialog box, you can set how many minutes you want it to snooze.
  • Click Snooze.

How do I cancel a recurring event in Outlook?

In Outlook, you can cancel a recurring event by following these steps:

  • The meeting is on the calendar.
  • Please click the “Cancel Meeting” button in the “Action” group on the “Meeting” tab when the meeting window pops up.

Why can’t I edit a shared calendar?

This issue is caused by a permissions error on the Exchange server. To work around this issue, you can change the permission for the shared calendar from Author to Editor. This will allow users to edit calendar items.

How do I cancel a recurring meeting without losing history?

To remove a recurring appointment or meeting request and keep the event history, you can simply change the End date in the recurrence dialog to end today. This stops the future meetings from appearing on your calendar, but previous ones will still be visible. We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to create, edit, and delete a recurring calendar. If you have questions about the tutorial, let us know in the comments.

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