Microsoft Planner notifications not working – Detailed Guide

Microsoft Planner is a tool that allows you to manage teamwork with intuitive, collaborative, visual task management. Notifications from Planner are sent for various reasons, e.g., as reminders for tasks, reminders for due dates, or when a new task is assigned. These notifications can be directed to Outlook and Microsoft Teams, in order to facilitate collaboration with your team. However, some users have been experiencing Microsoft Planner notifications not working. To resolve this issue, read on.

Microsoft has designed its tools to work together. For example, Microsoft Planner can send notifications when someone assigns a task to the user in Outlook, Teams, and also as a mobile push notification. The planner also sends notifications to the email when an assigned task is late, due today, or due in the next 7 days. However, some users may not get these notifications due to some issues. Here are some possible reasons for the same.

  • Planner not installed correctly in Teams
  • ‘Send notifications’ option is not checked
  • Email setting is not enabled
  • User not assigned to a Group or Plan
  • The user is the owner of the Plan

Let’s look at these reasons in more detail, and also the solutions for when Microsoft Planner notifications aren’t working.

Microsoft Planner notifications not working

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Following are some solutions that may help you to resolve the issue.

  • Turn on the Planner assignment notifications in Teams
  • Check the ‘Send notifications’ option
  • Enable the Email settings
  • Make sure that you are assigned to a Group or Plan
  • The user is the owner of the Plan

Read further to know how to implement these solutions:

If you’re not getting notifications from Teams, the best way to resolve the issue is to install Planner on Teams and turn on Planner assignment notifications in Teams.

Follow the next steps of this solution.

  • Install the Planner on Teams and make sure your plan has a tab in Teams.
  • To turn on the Planner assignment notifications in Teams, go to Planner for web
  • Then Select Settings, and then under Planner, select Notifications.
  • Now check the box in front of the ‘Someone assigns a task to me’ option.

After this, Planner notifications should appear at the following locations:

  • In the Teams Activity feed.
  • In a chat with the Planner app. The chat also records your past assignment cards.

The notifications for each task include the title of the task, the name of the person who assigned it to you, the plan to which it belongs, and a link to open the task details in Teams. In Planner, if you assign a task to yourself, you will not receive a notification. Notifications for tasks are only sent when someone else assigns the task to you.

Check the ‘Send notifications’ option

By default, Plans send notifications about task assignments. When the task is completed, notifications are sent on the Plan’s conversation feed. If these options are disabled, you will not receive e-mails when a task is assigned or completed. To fix this issue, go to the Notifications settings and check the boxes in front of the two options for notifications. This should resolve the issue of Microsoft Planner notifications not working.

Enable the Email settings

If a plan is being created for a group, then the user can check the email settings to see if they are enabled for the plan.

  • For this, go to Plan settings.
  • Now go to Group email settings
  • Check the box that says, send email to the group when a task is assigned or completed.

Hence, if you’re part of a group and not receiving the Planner notifications, you’ll need to ask the group owner to check these settings.

How to set up notifications on Microsoft planner?

For this, you need to manage Planner notifications.

  • First, select the Settings button near the top right of the screen, and then select Notifications.
  • Now in the Notifications dialog box, check the boxes in front of the following options:
  • Someone assigns a task to me (Email, Teams, and Mobile Push)
  • A task assigned to me is late, due today, or due in the next 7 days (Email only)
  • Now click on Save.

Can I sync Microsoft planner with Outlook tasks?

Yes, it is possible to sync tasks in Microsoft Planner with Outlook calendars. When you subscribe to Office 365, the Outlook calendar is automatically synchronized for all Office 365 tenants that have Planner as part of their subscription.

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