Fix Not Implemented error in Outlook on Windows

When trying to Send/Receive, Reply, Reply All, or Forward an email in Fix Not Implemented error in Outlook on Windows computer, you may receive a Not Implemented error box. Here are a few things to look at that may resolve the issue. First, make sure that you are using the latest version of Outlook. If you are not, then you can download it from the Microsoft website.

Not Implemented error in Outlook

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If you receive this error, the best thing to do is repair or reinstall Microsoft Office. Office 2016 on Windows 10 does not let you uninstall individual components, so you need to do a Quick Repair or an Online Repair. Users of earlier Office versions can uninstall, reinstall, or repair individual Office programs.

Open Outlook in Safe Mode To do this, open the Run box, type outlook /safe, and hit Enter. If Outlook runs fine in Safe Mode, you may want to check the installed add-ins. Disable some Outlook add-ins and see if that helps you.

Click on the File menu, and then click on Options. After that, click on the Add-ins tab, and then click on the Go button next to the Manage: COM Add-ins option.

Try to identify the problematic add-on and disable it. Restart Outlook and check if the issue persists.

The Outlook settings file (srs) contains the settings that you set using the CTRL+ALT+S Send/Receive Groups settings. To reset the file, close Outlook and navigate to the following folder:


Use the Outlook.srs file to restart Outlook automatically.

If you’re having trouble with your Outlook email account, one possible solution is to create a new profile and see if that helps.

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