How to send a large file through Outlook

One of the main concerns for users of any How to send a large file through Outlook to send large files as attachments. Attachment limits vary by provider, with Gmail allowing files of up to 25MB, and Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo allowing 10MB.

It was always tricky sending large files as email attachments. Large files may be too large to attach or take too long to upload and sometimes it may even bounce back without reaching the recipient. team had this in mind and provided a feature so users wouldn’t have to face such problems. Just last month, Microsoft announced OneDrive getting 10 GB file support. That means you can now upload files up to 10 GB. Now how to take advantage of this cool feature?

To share larger files, users have to upload them to a file-sharing website and share the URL with the receiver. offers an easy way to attach files. You can still attach files up to 33MB by attaching them to the mail, but for files exceeding 33MB, you can now use OneDrive! You can use OneDrive to share single files up to 10GB – or hundreds of smaller ones – in one email.

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To attach a file from OneDrive or any other cloud service, like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., after you have opened a new email for composing it, click on Attach > Browse cloud locations.

You can thus attach links to already-uploaded files.

Now, if you are composing an email in and go to attach a file using the “Upload and share” link, the file will be attached if it is less than 33MB. If you don’t upload and share your large file as a OneDrive link, you will be gently prodded to do so. Clicking on the “Upload and share as a OneDrive link” option will let you select the large file from your desktop and upload it to OneDrive.

The receiver will be taken to OneDrive when they click on the link, where they will be able to download the large attachment. The great thing about this is that you can stay in your current email and still use the service without even realizing it.

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