Outlook Temp Cleaner helps you delete Outlook Temp files and cache easily

Outlook Temp Cleaner helps you delete Outlook Temp files and cache easily on your Windows 10/8/7 PC when they are sent or downloaded. These temp files can accumulate over time and take up valuable disk space. Additionally, they may pose a data theft risk if not properly deleted. To clean up your PC and improve performance, it is important to delete these temp files on a regular basis.

The temporary files used to view or add an email attachment are stored in the sub-directory of temporary internet files in your PC. If anyone has access to that folder, they can see your sensitive information. Additionally, you might not be able to open or download any more of your Outlook email attachments if there are lots of temp files clogging your PC.

While we can always delete temporary internet files manually from our PC, it is always helpful to take help from a third party application like Outlook Temp Cleaner. With Outlook Temp Cleaner, you can locate the secure temporary files folder and delete the temp files easily, making Microsoft Outlook run smoothly.

Outlook Temp Cleaner helps you delete Outlook Temp files and cache

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This application deletes all your Outlook temp files, freeing up disk space and helping to avoid data theft. It is a free support tool for Microsoft Outlook.

Delete Outlook Temp files

This tool provides easy access to the Outlook temporary files folder, which can be tricky to find at times.

Outlook Temp Cleaner also helps with:

  • What is the current size of temp files stored in the folder
  • You can delete all files and empty the folder in one go.
  • Maintain the folder using scheduled tasks.

There are three command lines of the program:

  1. Open Folder- This application provides a shortcut to switch directly to the OutlookSecureTemp folder for each user.
  2. Folder Size– This command allows you to monitor the size of a folder so you can know when to delete the contents.
  3. Empty Folder- This switch lets you empty the folder directly. You can schedule it to run at a certain time and be confident that the sensitive temp files taking up space on your computer will be gone.

The OutlookTempCleaner can be downloaded from here. It requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0.

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