Sent Folder Missing in Outlook – Everything You Need To Know

Sent Folder Missing in Outlook, Access to all your emails in Outlook should be standard because it helps you find important details. However, it is annoying when the “Sent” folder is in your folder.

Outlook is missing or missing.

In this article, you will learn four basic tips that you will use to solve this problem outlook sent folder missing. are real steps you may not believe, even if you are not technical expert.

So, keep it up! What to Try When an Outlook Sent Out Lost So you open your Outlook and your sent folder does not exist! What does a person do? First, where is my sent folder in outlook you you should sit down, and try out the ideas discussed below and you will be sure to have one in between they will successfully resolve the issue at hand.

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Tip 1: Enable Posted Items

sent mail folder, a key tip to make sure you simply tick the “checkbox” of archived copies of “Sent Items” folder messages. this suggests that you simply need to enable the option to always keep the same image any message you send, within the Sent Items folder.

In order to enable this checkbox, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Click “File”> “Options”


Step 2. Select “Email”

Step 3. Scroll down to the section labeled “Save messages”. be sure to check the checkbox

 next to “Keep copies of messages within the Sent Items folder”

Step 4. Click “OK” to finish.


 Tip 2: Disables Cache Mode

outlook sent items folder missing, Cached Mode is one of two ways to connect Outlook to your file. Switch account, which is the opposite of online mode. Cache mode allows you to access emails and make changes even when you are offline because they are stored locally your disk drive as OST files.

Large because it sounds, Cache Mode may have to be disabled if you have access to your sent folder. this is often because it requires a lot disk space in comparison to web mode. More importantly, the reason you do not know search for your emails due to Cached Mode. Therefore, follow the steps below to disable saved exchange mode and use web mode to find out if you will find your missing folder:

Step 1. visit the “Account Settings” panel. 

To achieve this, For Outlook 2010 and 2013, follow the path: “File”> “Information”> “Account Settings”>

“Account settings”.

Account settings

However, if you are using Outlook 2007, go to “Tools”> “Account Settings”


Step 2. Now that you are simply in the “Account Settings” panel

you will select the file for exchange account with the cached mode you would like to disable. Once you’ve done this, go below “Email” tab and select “Change”.


Step 3. A “Change Account” panel will appear.

Now you have to go to the box labeled “Use saved Exchange Mode “and then click to remove the” check “icon.


 Step 4. Click on the “Next” option.


Step 5. you will see a pop-up panel “Microsoft Outlook” again, select “OK”.


Step 6. Restart Outlook so that all your changes will be applied.


Sent Folder Missing in Outlook, With the ideas outlined above, you should be ready to fix your Outlook Sent issue Folder does not exist. outlook missing sent folder If one solution does not work in your special case, the other will work. So, don’t do it give up and try everything.

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