The snip could not be sent Check that an email program is installed

Snipping Tool is an The snip could not be sent Check that an email program is installed. The tool works well on most occasions but sometimes when a user tries to email, he sees a couple of messages like:-The Snipping Tool is not an installed program.

If you see the “Snip could not be sent” error, you’ll need to associate an email client with the Snipping Tool in Windows 10.

The Snip could not be sent error in Windows 10

If Outlook is your default email program and you see The snip could not be sent message every time you try to use the Snipping tool’s email functionality:

  1. Set the Default Mail Client in the Registry
  2. Fix MSI Components Registry Permissions

The error can occur in various applications when the MSIComponentID registry value set for Outlook appears to be incorrect. Before editing the registry, export or backup the registry keys you plan to edit.

1] Set the Default Mail Client in the Registry

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Expand the ‘Mail’ folder to locate ‘Microsoft Outlook’.

Look for the MSIComponentID string value in the right pane. If it’s missing or set to a different GUID, that’s your problem.

The correct GUID for Outlook is:


2] Fix MSI Components Registry Permissions

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To change the permissions on a key, right-click on the key and choose ‘Permissions’ from the context menu.

If you find that the ‘Users’ group is not in the list, click ‘Add’, type ‘Users’, and hit the ‘Enter’ key. The Users group should have ‘Read’ permission for the key to fix the ‘The Snip could not be sent’ error in Windows 10.

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