How to make Outlook download all emails from server – Guide

Unwanted emails can quickly eat up a large chunk of your computer’s memory. To prevent this, Microsoft Outlook offers a parameter that allows you to control how many emails are downloaded to your local PC. If your mail account is linked to a Microsoft Exchange Server (like Office 365 or Hotmail), the configured parameter will automatically adjust the mail limit for your computer. However, if needed, you can change this setting to make Outlook download all emails from the server.

Make Outlook download all emails

If you’re using Outlook with a different mail provider than Microsoft Exchange Server, don’t worry – Outlook will automatically download all of your messages.

  • Connect to Microsoft Exchange via Link
  • Change Exchange Account Settings.

Connect to Microsoft Exchange via Link

The most convenient way to retrieve all your emails from the Exchange server is to scroll to the bottom of a folder. If more items exist on the server for that folder, you’ll see a ‘Click Here to View More on Microsoft Exchange’ link.

Hit the link and in seconds Outlook will begin to download all the emails to your computer.

Change Exchange Account Settings

  • For this, open Microsoft Outlook and go to the ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Account Settings’.
  • Next, select ‘Account Settings’ again from the drop-down menu.
  • When directed to the ‘Account Settings’ window, select your account and hit the ‘Change’ button.

In the ‘Offline Settings’ window, check if ‘Use Cached Exchange Mode is enabled. If yes, slide the ‘Mail to keep the offline slider to the desired time limit you want.

By default, options from 3 days up to 5 years are available. To download all your mail to your computer, choose the ‘All’ option. Note that you should have enough disk space available on your computer before choosing this option.

When done, click ‘Next’ and restart Outlook, when prompted.

The process is complete when you see a message at the bottom of Outlook that says ‘All folders are up to date.’ This means that you have downloaded all of your emails from the Microsoft Exchange Server to your Outlook account.

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