Why are my Outlook meetings always created as Teams meeting?

If you’re creating a meeting in Outlook and it keeps creating it as a Teams meeting, even though that’s not what you want, then this post will help you resolve the problem. After Microsoft Teams became popular, and now that it’s also being used in corporates, it’s become a habit for users to do that. However, it’s more than that, and it’s because of the default setting that some of you may have been following. Let’s figure out how you can fix the problem.

Why are Outlook meetings always created as Teams meetings?

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The behavior is because of two options included in the settings:

  • Add online meetings to all meetings
  • Don’t Host Online option

Because of them, any meeting you create will become a Teams meeting, and since most of us are used to quickly clicking and getting things done, we miss out on the options. To fix this, you can disable these options as follows.

Uncheck Add online meetings to all meetings

  • Open Outlook, and click on File > Options
  • Click on Calendar options, and then locate the text Add an online meeting to all meetings.
  • Please uncheck the box next to it, and save the option.
  • Once done, the meeting will not default to Online or Teams meeting unless you change the options during meeting creation.

Don’t Host Online option

During meeting creation, click on the Don’t Host Online (Big Red Cross) option to ensure your current meeting doesn’t convert to a Teams meeting. If you often switch between regular and Teams meetings, it is best to use this option instead of disabling it globally.


The product settings have options that can be disabled. For example, if you are new to Outlook, we suggest looking at these options occasionally. When a new software, such as Microsoft Teams, is added, it creates new options in the product settings.

Why is the Teams meeting option not showing in Outlook?

To check if the Teams addon is missing in Outlook, go to File > Options > Add-ins and see if the addon is listed there. If it’s not, click on the Go button next to Com Add-ins and then check the Teams add-in and install it. If it’s disabled, click on the dropdown next to Manage and select Disabled items. Then click on the Go button, and enable the Teams add-in.

Can you join Microsoft Teams without the app?

Yes, you can do that. The Teams app will open on a web page if it is not installed on your PC. During the process, you will be prompted to install the app, or you can continue to join using the web.

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