Boom 3D sound enhancement software: Enhance your audio and music experience multi-fold

Boom 3D sound enhancement software: Enhance your audio and music experience multi-fold that can make a big difference in the sound quality of music. Boom 3D is one such software that can make a big difference in the sound quality of music.

Boom 3D software review

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Boom 3D is an audio enhancer software that enhances audio before it is delivered to the speaker. It will work with any streaming audio service, application on the computer, gaming, and more. So if you want to hear every little sound, especially during gaming, this software delivers that.

The software offers presets, which I would call audio experiences. Press on it, and it will instantly activate. The best way to understand them is to keep the music playing in the background and toggle between them. The experiences include 3D Surround, Ambience, Fidelity, Night Mode, Spatial, and Pich. Along with this comes an equalizer, which you turn on or choose to change as per the music.

We noted that once you install the software, it creates a virtual speaker that will become the default speaker. The virtual speaker changes the audio experience and then sends the audio to the real speaker.

Enhance your audio and music experience multi-fold

Now let’s talk about the feature set, followed by my experience of how it changed the audio experience after using it.

1 .3D Surround Sound: This app creates a virtual 3D surround audio system and then lets you adjust the subwoofer gain and audio intensity. It also upgrades the experience by extracting every note and nuance from an ordinary stereo track or any compressed audio and playing it back. Overall it adds a theater-like audio experience and immersive experience.

2 .Equalizer Presets: Equalizer: While enabling Equalizer should be more than enough, but you can always choose from the 31 presets they offer.

3 .Volume Booster: Available for Mac, the system-wide volume booster offers a distortion-free experience.

4 Customizable Audio Effects

  • Bring your favorite games and movies to life and feel the background ambient sounds moving all around.
  • This is a perfect device for watching movies or playing games at night.
  • Fidelity: Boosts the weaker frequency bands of audio for a better quality experience.
  • The spatial effect intensifies and enhances the 3D soundscape.
  • To adjust the pitch of the music by 5 semi-tones to match others, you can use a music tuning app.

5 Audio Player and Internet Radio Stations:

My music player is a great way to keep all of my music organized and easy to access. It has a lot of different music stations to choose from, and I can switch between local or based on country stations. I also like that it has a music library that has over 20,000+ Internet Radio stations.

My Experience in using this sound enhancement software

When I use software that claims to do things independently, I usually leave it on and let it do its job. However, for Boom 3D, I turned on the 3D Surround for a while, then enabled the equalizer, and later turned it off. The difference was significant.

I went into the 3D Surround setting and turned off every virtual speaker. Then I turned them on one by one to figure out how the difference was created, and it was pretty impressive. While it is all virtual, it was making a solid difference.

That said, the speaker you have will make a lot of difference as well. I tried it on JBL speaker and my Windows default speaker, and I can understand it. However, the difference in audio experience with and without the software is big. My second favorite feature is the Night Mode. Normally, we lower the overall volume because there can be a sudden increase, disturbing others. Suppose you use the Night Mode in Boom 3D. It makes sure harsh sounds are reduced, and the quiet sounds are heard clearly.

Boom 3D works and we recommend it highly

Boom 3D is a music player that uses patented 3D audio technology and integrates with Spotify and Tidal from within the app. It has a free 30-day trial, which you can download from here to experience before buying it. It is also available on macOS, which offers volume boost and individual app volume controller. It is also available on iOS & Android.

The software is excellent and highly recommended. Now that we have tested it, you should download the trial and see if it’s worth it. While you may not use every mode, but 3D audio and Night mode are super useful. Boom 3D is available on both Windows & Mac.

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