How to Transfer Files and Programs to a new Windows 10 computer with Zinstall WinWin

Getting a new computer is exciting, but moving all your data, files, programs, documents, music, pictures, favorites, emails, accounts, and settings from your old computer to the new one is painful. I remember Windows 7 used to have an Easy Transfer program for such migrations, but there is no such tool from Microsoft anymore. Keeping this in mind, we are going to review Zinstall WinWin. It can transfer all your data to a new Windows 10 computer.

Zinstall WinWin review

Zinstall WinWinThis software is designed to work with Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 End of Support is in January 2020. So, if you plan to move to Windows 10, then this software will work like a charm for you.

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Transfer Files & Programs to the new Windows 10 computer

Zinstall WinWin is a powerful application for those who are not much tech-savvy. If you need software that can transfer files and programs with a click of a few buttons, then this one is just for you. The software can transfer data over connected as well as Wi-Fi networks. You have to make sure that both the source and the destination computers are connected to the same network. You do not have to join the computers with any exclusive wire.

Features of Zinstall WinWin

  • Works between versions of Windows including Windows 10 to Windows 10, Windows 7, XP, 8.1 to Windows 10
  • It supports transfer between 32- and 64-bit computers.
  • Transfers Files, User Profiles, Applications, Programs, and Registry settings.
  • Let’s configure what you want to transfer by using Include and Exclude rules.

Use Zinstall WinWin to transfer files & programs to a new computer

Installing everything on a new computer can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you miss a program or some files on the old computer. Zinstall WinWin can help with that by easily migrating your programs and files to the new computer and activating the software for you.

Zinstall WinWin offers two options when you launch it: This is my Old Computer, and This is my new Computer. To use the program, you must have Windows installed on both the source and destination computers, and run the program on both. This is the only way for applications to detect the source and destination computers.

  • On the old computer: When you click on this is an old computer, it will launch the program, and wait for the connection to happen.
  • On the new computer: Once you run it, it will open a search window where you can see both old and new computers.

The Advanced Option to Transfer Files

The next step is to configure what you want to back up and move to the new computer. It is essential as it will impact the time it takes to move. If you do not want to move a few files and programs, you can use the advanced configuration. Click on the advanced button, and then select the source computer. It is essential if you are doing multiple transfers. Then click on Selective Migration, > Activate Advanced Settings Mode button.

You can see all the details of the old computer here. You can choose what to move and what to skip. This is a powerful configuration screen, so use it wisely. If you don’t want to filter anything out, go back and click on the Go button. It will move everything.

Files and Directories 

  • You can browse and select what you plan to transfer and uncheck, which should be excluded.
  • If there are too many to select, then use the exclude and include rules.
  • In the end, you will get to see a list of files that are excluded so that you can be sure about it.

Installed Programs

Similarly, you can choose which programs to move to the new computer. If there are programs that you are confident won’t work on Windows 10, it is better to skip them. If these programs have a new version that is compatible with the new OS, install it. Some upgrade programs can also migrate data from old software to the new version – which will come in handy.

User Profiles & Registry Settings

Once you are confident with your selections, click the “OK” button to return to the source-destination screen. Click the “Go” button to begin the transfer. Depending on your selection, data will be transferred to your new Windows computer.

What do we think about Zinstall WinWin?

Zinstall WinWin is the best software for quickly and easily transferring all your files and settings to your new computer, with no complicated setup or configuration needed. Just hit the “Go” button and let the software do its job. For those who want to customize their transfer, simple include/exclude options are available for files, programs and users.

The software from costs $119 and can save you a lot of time when migrating your data and setting up your new computer.

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