iToolab SIMUnlocker Review: How to Unlock iPhone to Any Carrier

iToolab SIMUnlocker Review: How to Unlock iPhone to Any Carrier, meaning they only work with that carrier’s SIM card. While this is done intentionally so that carriers can offer consumers subsidies, it often means that consumers have to pay more in the long run if they want to remove the restriction. On top of that, if you travel outside your country, you will often end up paying a lot more for your service than you would with a prepaid plan.

How to Unlock iPhone to Any Carrier

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Not everyone wants to get locked into a carrier, especially if they’re not happy with the network. There’s no clause that allows consumers to cancel their contract based on carrier issues. That’s where you need software that can remove the restriction and allow you to use any carrier, i.e., Unlock iPhone to Any Carrier.

iToolab SIMUnlocker is a software that can remove the restriction and error—SIM not supported/not valid—which you receive when using another carrier’s SIM in a locked iPhone.

iToolab SIMUnlocker Review

The iPhone Jailbreak and SIM Unlock Tool can be used to bypass carrier SIM lock and fix any activation issue on your iPhone. This is a simple process that can be completed in minutes, and all you need is the Checkra1n tool.When jailbreaking your iPhone, you are essentially exploiting a loophole. This will allow you to use any network worldwide and bypass any sim lock. However, it is important to be careful when jailbreaking your iPhone, as it can be a risky process.

Features of iToolab SIMUnlocker

  • It takes only Five Minutes to unlock iPhone
  • Permanent unlock
  • Available for all carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.
  • Support iPhone models from iPhone 5s – iPhone X with iOS 12-14.7.
  • Available for both macOS and Windows

How to unlock using iToolab SIMUnlocker

Before we go ahead and talk about the process of unlocking, you need to make sure of two things. First, the iPhone is not blacklisted by Apple or any of the carriers. Second, make sure to turn off Find My iPhone feature before bypassing the SIM lock.

Step 1: Download the software and install it on your computer. Make sure to unlock it using the activation key.

Step 2: Use the original cable to connect your iPhone to your PC. Make sure your PC detects your iPhone.

Step 3: Once the software detects the iPhone version, it will then jailbreak your iPhone using the Checkra1n tool. The Checkra1n tool will download a package and you should see a progress bar.

Step 4: Once the software is downloaded, the iPhone will be Jailbreak; the software will then check the device eligibility.

Step 5: If your phone is eligible, then disconnect and reconnect it to your computer to check for any issue with that. Finally, press the Unlock button to remove the SIM lock.

Here is a video explaining everything

There are other ways to unlock iPhones, but the success rates are not as high. These methods include using a SIM unlock chip or an online unlock service.Once unlocked, try using another SIM card in your iPhone to see if it connects to the network. Also, make sure to browse the internet and make a call to confirm the phone is unlocked. If it doesn’t work, try unlocking again using the software.


The company offers a variety of pricing options to fit everyone’s budget. You have a one year plan ($34.95) that allows you to unlock up to five devices on a single computer, or a monthly plan ($29.95) if you only need to do it once. You also have a lifetime plan ($49.95) and a Business plan ($599.95) if you need to unlock all your employee’s iPhones, with no limit on the number of devices you can unlock.

The company also offers help if you are having trouble unlocking your iPhone and can get a refund if there are any issues.


If you’re looking for a way to get around being carrier locked, SIMUnlocker is an excellent tool. It can save you a lot of money and make sure that you can switch to any network. You can even pick a prepaid SIM when you go out of the country and not pay high charges of incoming and outgoing calls.

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