NordLayer Review Features Pricing and Advantages

NordLayer Review Features Pricing and Advantages that has some great features that differ from the regular consumer VPNs. Aside from the standard capabilities such as connecting to multiple locations and high speeds, NordLayer VPN also includes additional tools for managing user groups and allowing remote employees to access intranet resources from anywhere securely.

NordLayer Review

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Team members can safely access company resources from anywhere in the world with NordLayer, a complete and dynamic VPN solution. This provides many benefits for businesses by avoiding the need for duplicate resources for each location and ensuring secure network access. Let’s explore the features designed specifically for business users.

NordLayer Features

The most important aspect of a good business-grade VPN service is encryption. NordLayer encrypts all internet traffic with AES 256-bit encryption. This provides security for your business. NordLayer also provides a Control Panel. This allows administrators to have complete control over workers’ VPNs. For example, you may use it to control permissions, create gateways, reset user passwords manually, and more.

NordLayer is a VPN provider that helps businesses keep their devices and networks secure, regardless of location. It does this by ensuring that company data and assets are always protected. This makes it an essential tool for businesses that want to keep their data safe.

Apart from AES 256-bit encryption, there is 2FA, Single Sign-On with Gsuite, Okta, Azure Ad, and the option to create a private gateway. Adding to this, you can also choose to create dedicated servers. It allows the team to have their dedicated IP address only they can use. It also helps to whitelist IPs to access remote resources and set up a site-to-site connection.

The kill switch will turn off all internet activity on your device if your connection fails, ensuring that none of your personal information is ever exposed online. With two-factor authentication, users may add an extra layer of security to their accounts. Use Google Authenticator, Authy, or phone-based authentication to get into the app. The solution works as advertised.

Businesses may audit activities for deploying or removing gateways and view reports. NordLayer provides servers in 33 countries worldwide, including Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Singapore, Serbia, Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, Norway, Japan, Italy, and more.

The Windows client has an elegant, familiar-looking design. The primary location selector is a list of countries to choose from. The mobile applications (for Android and iOS devices) offer similar functionality and interface to the desktop editions, but with less functionality.

Custom portals can help create portals for specific teams and corporate divisions – determining which team members have access to certain gateways, assigning specific corporate servers, and picking virtual locations. NordLayer business accounts can also be added, removed, or transferred. If there’s a personnel change, Enterprise doesn’t have to worry about losing a user license – it can be transferred to the new person.

NordLayer 81’s support center provides guides, tutorials, troubleshooters and documentation. You can find tutorials to guide you through the process of installing the client, changing protocols, fixing errors, and more.

If you encounter any problems later on and need to speak to someone, all options include in-app chat assistance 24/7, seven days a week. The basic plan also includes 24/7 customer support, while the Advanced plan includes Priority support 24/7. If you are unable to find a feature and need to enable or disable anything, it would be best to connect with support, who should be able to do it for you.

NordLayer Setup and Installation

The best thing about this is that you don’t need any infrastructure or invest in any of them. It’s all on the cloud, and you only need a few clicks. After you enter your Organization ID and authenticate it with a six-digit pin, create a strong password. Then you can start the onboarding process by inviting members and teams.

NordLayer’s subscription allows you to add or remove users, dedicated servers, and company gateways as your organization grows. You can also activate, suspend, or delete users from here. In addition, you can set up teams, private gateways, dedicated servers with or without fixed IPs.

NordLayer can be scaled as needed by adding more users, dedicated servers, and company gateways. This provides significant savings.

NordLayer Plans and Pricing

NordLayer offers two different plans: Basic and Advanced. If you would like a more customized network security system, they also have an Enterprise bundle available. Unfortunately, they do not have a free trial option.

The Basic plan for monthly invoicing costs $9 per user per month, but when billed annually, it costs $7 per user per month. It has all the essential features but misses out on dedicated servers, priority 24×7 support, and more. The Advanced package, which provides access to purchasing dedicated servers, will be chosen by most organizations. This service costs $11 per month when paid monthly and $9 per month when billed yearly.

The billing process is centralized, so there is only one invoice generated for your entire organization. You can also set up dedicated account managers, so the IT admin doesn’t have to deal with the billing department. NordLayer is a handy, dependable, and reasonably priced business VPN service that comes as part of a suite of outstanding utilities. It is perfectly tailored for Enterprise, and if you want all your employees to use it with the right set of security, manageable features, and scalability, this is what you need to get.

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