Tunes Kit iOS System Recovery can recover broken iOS devices – Guide

When it comes to iOS devices, they’re not cheap to get repaired. Just like any other smartphone, iOS devices have their own set of problems. But many of these problems can be resolved through a software solution. Today we’re talking about Tunes Kit iOS System Recovery, which can help you fix these issues.

What can Tunes Kit iOS System Recovery fix?

The software is built to resolve some common issues, including basic problems, solutions for some common issues, and others.

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  • iOS device stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, headphone phone, white Apple logo screen.
  • The screen becomes black/blue/frozen/disabled.
  • Boot loop screen, iOS update failure, restore error, iPhone activation error

If you’re having severe issues with your iPhone, including a bricked iPhone, locked iPhone, or iTunes connection error, then using Dr.fone – System Repair (iOS) can help you resolve them.

Standard Mode and Advanced Recovery Modes

The recovery software offers two modes—Standard Mode and Advanced Mode—depending on the level of the problem. We briefly discussed the symptoms in the previous sections. If you launch the software, you have over 30+ listed problems. Select the problem and click the start button to begin recovery. The software will then work its magic to resolve the issue.

You can often fix these issues by taking your iPhone to Apple’s service center. If the problem is with the software, they can usually upgrade it to the latest compatible iOS version, which should fix the problem. Your data shouldn’t be lost in the process.

Once the software detects the iOS device, you can choose to repair it using the “Standard” or “Advanced” mode. If you use the Standard mode, no data will be lost. However, if you use the Advanced mode, all data will be erased. The Advanced mode can also remove password protection from the device’s screen.

The advanced mode is when you encounter a boot loop screen, iOS update failure, restore error, and iPhone activation error.

The process will also teach you how to boot your phone into DFU mode or Recovery mode. This is done by using the hardware buttons, i.e., the Volume buttons and the Power button. To do this, you will need to hold down the Volume up, Volume down, and Power buttons, and then later use the Power and Volume down buttons unless the phone reboots.

Tunes Kit iOS System Recovery is an available solution that may not only save money but also a lot of time for you. Going to the service center, and getting a full replacement for the product might not be a great option every time.

Tunes Kit iOS System Recovery other features

The software not only helps you recover data but also offers additional features that make it worth the money.

  • Fixes an error when using iTunes to restore or backup the device
  • Switch back and forth between recovery modes with one click. Useful when the device gets stuck.
  • You can download the iOS to preview the version if you do not like the current upgrade.

When downloading the firmware package for your device, you can choose the device, device version, OS version, and firmware version that you need. The software should download it without a problem, but you can also save the link of the download or save it separately on your computer, just in case. If you’re not sure which firmware to download, you can always check the device guide to find the right one.

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Lastly, the software offers 100% secure recovery for all paid users, fully compatible with the latest iOS 12 and iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, software update, and upgrade. If you are not happy, there is a 60 Days Money Back policy in place. You can download Tune Kit iOS System Recovery from its homepage. The price to unlock the full functionality will cost you $49.95.

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