Zinstall Full Back: Automatic Backup for your entire PC, including Applications & Settings

Taking backups is an important part of anything digital. Data is essential, and many people spend a lot of time creating content, and editing files – and that’s hard work and money in the end. Nobody wants to lose it, and that’s where a complete backup solution is needed. In this post, we are reviewing Zinstall Fullback, which is a complete backup solution for Windows computers.

Backup to External Drive and Cloud

Many of us use cloud storage, like Amazon, Dropbox, and others, to keep our data safe. OneDrive also offers a similar feature, where you can keep your desktop on the cloud.

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If you’re looking to take regular backups on an external drive or cloud, Zinstall Fullback is a great option. You can restore your backup to any computer, making it easy to share your backup on the cloud and set up the same experience at home.

How to take backup using Zinstall Full Backup

The first thing you should do is connect an empty USB drive to your computer. Make sure the drive has enough space for backups – around 200 GBs. If you are planning for monthly backups, you will need a large drive. The backup solution deletes any previous backups when the drive storage gets full.


Install and activate the software, then turn on the backup. It will automatically detect the best place to keep your files safe and take hourly, weekly, and monthly backups. If the destination is ever missing, it will wait until it connects.

Only the initial backup of the software will take time. Once it completes, the rest of the backup is incremental; only files that change are backed up.

How to configure the backup location:

  • Click the Settings button on the main Backup screen.
  • Here you can configure backup frequency, which drives should be backed up (C drive), and the destination.
  • Click on change, and then select your USB drive from the list of drives if it shows
  • Close the window, and from the next backup, it will follow the new configuration.

When choosing the destination for your backup, you should have the option to select a cloud storage provider such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, or a network folder. If you want to use cloud storage, you will need to enter your username and password to authenticate and allow the application to store your encrypted backup files.


Launch the backup application and click on the “View backups/restore” option. To restore a single file or folder, type in its name and the app will search for it. Once it appears in the list, right-click and select “Restore to the same location” or “Restore to a different location”. You have three ways to restore in total.

  • Restoring a file
  • Restoring files to a replacement computer where you need to restore files to a different computer
  • Full restore (programs, settings, data) to a replacement computer

What I liked about Zinstall Full Backup and Tips when taking backup

Zinstall Full Backup is a great backup solution that doesn’t interrupt you unless there is something serious like a missing backup drive. Configure it and forget it. As long as the destination is accessible, it will do the work in the background.

The software doesn’t slow down your computer during backups. It manages resources well without affecting your work. However, we recommend backing up files when the computer is idle.

Zinstall Fullback is an excellent backup solution. Not only is it simple and user-friendly, it is also extremely efficient in terms of used space and resource utilization. For those reasons, we recommend it highly!

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