How To Measure SEO Performance For Effective Digital Marketing?

Everyone associated with the digital marketing industry is familiar with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is referred to the process of optimizing web pages and content for ranking higher in the SERPs. And SEO is one of the most efficient tactics used in the world of digital marketing. However, implementing an SEO technique is the initial step. So, you need to track its performance as well. Some SEO firms are now investing in agency reporting tools which is a centralized platform that cubs all marketing campaign data in one place and sends accurate and automated reports to clients. With such frequent updates, making business decisions becomes easy and you can track all the information that you need. You will get to know where your website will rank for the competitive keywords and read more here

How to measure SEO?

More than hundreds of metrics are there that can be tracked. But, at the initial stage, you need to focus on the most important ones. Let us see what those digital marketing metrics are and how to track their performance:

Keyword ranking:

A keyword encompasses almost everything that is searched by the people on a search engine. A keyword can be a phrase or a word but must produce a results page when being searched. For seeing this metrics’ result, you need to optimize both your content and website for getting ranked on the top position of the SERP for particular keywords.

You can track the Google ranking for the keywords that are associated with your digital marketing niche by making a Google search. You will get to know where your website will rank for the competitive keywords.

Organic traffic:

When a searcher types a word or question into the search engine, he or she will get to see a results set that shows pages and ads associated with the query of the search. Organic traffic is referred to the number of people that your website generates from the people who click on your webpages when they are displayed on the SERPs.

You can work with Google Analytics to track your regular searchers in your website traffic. You can also avail Digital Marketing Services if you want to boost your website’s organic traffic.

Page speed:

Page speed is considered to be an important metric that can have an impact on others. If you can increase the speed of your website from two seconds to one second, you will generate more money.

Page speed not only plays an important role when it comes to ranking but also affects your bounce rates and conversion. When your page loading time goes up, the chance increases for people to leave your site.

You can use PageSpeed Insights by Google to find out if your digital marketing website is fast. If your score is 100%, it is fast. If it is between 90%-99%, it is good. It is between 50%-90%; you need to improve. And if it is below 50%, it is very poor.

SERP visibility:

For each query, a SERP (Search Engine Result Page) or an outcome is produced by Google. These outcomes are composed of ads, SERP features, and organic results. Some of the examples of SERP features are: knowledge panels, image packs, and featured snippets.

When you track the search visibility for your digital marketing strategy, it gives the positive dynamics before even your website starts to receive visitors. The score of search engine visibility helps to monitor your website optimization’s early results. In short, this metric gives you an overall view of SEO progress.

For tracking the dynamics of visibility, you can put Google Search Console to use. In the “performance report,” you will be able to see the “total impressions score”.

Time spent on page:

Average time on a page is an important metric, especially for traffic because Google is ranking pages based on the page’s relevancy. The more the website’s average time on page, the better you will rank in the SERPs and convert more visitors to leads.

To improve, you need to create necessary and compelling content for a strong digital marketing strategy. Add more indispensable information on the pages. Integrate the pages with colorful images to make them more organized and also take care of readability.

For tracking the average time visitors have spent on your website, you can make use of Google Analytics. It will show you the average time visitors have stayed on a particular page. You can also opt for a digital marketing agency for better guidance.

It is good if a person has spent 60 seconds on your page. But, in case you have long-form content, 60 seconds is not enough. So, only if the average time of your visitor is around the average reading time, your content is meeting the user intent.

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If you are associated with the world of digital marketing and SEO, you already have heard “what you measure, you move”. It means you need to know the numbers while evaluating your digital marketing strategy’s performance is the very first step. With the above-mentioned methods, you can track the performance of your digital marketing efforts and SEO. Whatever you do, always look for making useful content and prioritize your users the most.

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