Finest Add-Ons And Accessories For The Iphone In 2023

Soon after taking their brand-new Apple iPhone 14 out of the box, owners should begin considering which accessories they would like to purchase for their new device. Because the iPhone 13 models released this year, as well as those released last year, do not come with AC power adapters, you will likely need to purchase one separately. If you intend to put all your eggs in the basket of wireless charging, you can take advantage of the most advanced MagSafe technology with any one of the various accessories available. The Apple AirTag, apple iphone charger, wireless headphones, and various phone cases are just some of the iPhone accessories that have been put through our rigorous testing, and the results are compiled here.

List Of Iphone Accessories

Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger

Although there are frequently better and more affordable alternatives to Apple’s first-party accessories, the MagSafe wireless charger is an Apple product that should be taken into consideration if you have a new iPhone. This charging pad, like all other MagSafe devices, employs magnets to connect itself to the back of the most recent iPhones, and the attachment is remarkably sturdy. Not only is it safe to pick up and use your handset while the disk is still attached, but the iPhone may also safely dangle by the cord that connects it to the charger without becoming detached.

Anker Charger

Even though Apple’s 20W charger performs just fine, you might want to consider Anker’s Nano II 45W charger instead because it is a more versatile adaptor. In addition to being able to rapidly charge an iPhone, it is also capable of providing full power to a MacBook Air from the year 2020 and other devices of a similar size, such as an iPad.

When you are on the move with the adapter, the fact that its prongs can be folded down to make it even smaller is something that we like. Anker also produces a version with 30 watts of power and a model with 65 watts and two ports for use in situations in which you need to charge both your mobile device and your laptop at the same time.


It is now common knowledge that the Apple AirPods are the most superior pair of wireless earphones available for use with iPhones. With the release of the third-generation AirPods, Apple has made the basic AirPods even more impressive. These AirPods have a more refined appearance, audibly superior sound, and significantly longer battery life. We are pleased with the new “contoured” shape, which is significantly more comfortable than earlier iterations of the AirPods, and the H1 chipset, which enables capabilities such as hands-free Siri and rapid pairing and switching, which earns our praise.

Anker Powerline II, a cable that connects USB-C and Lightning

Anker’s Powerline charging cables have won us over for quite some time, and the company’s Powerline II USB-C to Lightning cord lives up to our expectations in every way. To begin, it has a lower starting price than Apple. Additionally, it is MFi-certified, which indicates that it has completed all the required tests to get Apple’s approval as a trustworthy accessory for iOS devices.

Even while not all of them are manufactured out of braided nylon, even the ones that don’t still have a lifespan of 12,000 bends, which means that you may use it without worrying that the wire would fray after a few weeks of use. There is also a USB-C to C cable available from Anker as part of the Powerline III series. This cable should function satisfactorily for charging the most recent iPads and MacBooks.


iPhone owners who have AirTags installed on their devices have an easier time locating items that they may have misplaced. Simply fasten one of these minuscule Bluetooth trackers on your keys, backpack, or wallet, and then use the Find My app to stay on top of where they are always.

You can command the AirTag to play a tune to direct you to your belongings if you are aware that they are nearby. You can activate Lost Mode whenever you genuinely have no idea where something is, and this will cause you to be notified immediately whenever the Find My network finds the item in question.


To fully enjoy your new iPhone, it is imperative that you purchase its accessories as well. From utilizing AirPods for your music, and charging your battery with wireless or wired chargers, to using AirTags for tracking your belongings, all these iPhone accessories will benefit you to the fullest.

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