Online Restaurant Games for Children

With the covid 19 restrictions around the world, most of us remained confined indoors for a long time, especially the children who were refrained from engaging in outdoor games and playing with friends lest they get infected. With the ever-expanding technology and internet becoming as available as the air we breathe, online games have taken the place of indoor games and wordlessly entered our personal domains and allured us and the children. The modern gaming platforms are filled with online games of varied types such as Adventure games, Role-playing games, Racing games, Fighting games, Real-time Strategy games, First Person shooter games, Simulation games, etc. With so much to offer, most of these online games are available on android and IOS platforms apart from the dedicated gaming platforms. By making games available on smartphone devices, the game developers and companies are reaching out to the masses as it is no longer confined to a particular device plus it has been more convenient to play games. Now one can play anywhere and in any place with only their phones with them and an active internet plan.

With the last couple of years spent in uncertainty and struggling in the indoor spaces, children have become actively addicted to these online games and content that are available. However, to safeguard the interests of the children and with the intention to ensure that they learn something while spending time in the online games, parents can look for restaurant games that are a source of fun, and do not promote any kind of violence or bloodshed, and are effective to teach some core skills. Considering the benefits and keeping up with the children’s enthusiasm for playing online games parents should encourage them to Play Restaurant Game and can work to develop an interest in the same. It is found that when children tend to work in the virtual kitchen they begin to appreciate the real kitchen and show interest in cooking. Since cooking is a very important skill that if developed in the early years can be of great help in the future, so, why not make use of this available opportunity and push the enthusiasm of the children on the correct path. Here are certain game options that you can expose your child to:

The Boiled Eggs: This is quite a simple game where the player has to keep track of eggs boiling in different pots and at different temperatures. The player has to keep adjusting the temperature for different pots and make sure none of the eggs are overcooked. This game is designed to teach multitasking, which is the most basic skill required to work in a kitchen. The difficulty levels increase with time and the player has to adapt from one burner to six burners and keep track of all the boiling eggs. For a child at an early age, this game can be quite interesting and can keep them engaged throughout their permitted screen time, thus letting them avoid any irrelevant content.

Bunnicula’s Kaotic Kitchen: This game is also uncomplicated and engaging. The player here helps Bunnicula to prepare new recipes that are available in the fridge. There are new recipes every time and one can also follow the recipes already cooked. Playing this game can help to learn new recipes and children can have an idea of what all goes on in cooking a dish. Besides, they will be exposed to the varieties of ingredients available.

Penguin Cafe: In this game, the player plays a penguin on a skate and serves the guests the ordered foods, and tries to meet up the daily goals. It teaches the players to be attentive to the details, process reputation, and simulate the orders according to the guest’s choice. It also teaches all about the stress that servers have to endure and to balance the customer demands. It also helps in teaching the values of keeping calm and a positive attitude which is of utmost importance for a server.

Star Chef 2: This game lets the player build their own restaurant from scrap, decide on the menus and also look after guests’ comfort, thus enhancing their entrepreneur skills. The platform is also enhanced with varieties of recipes and lets the player learn a lot of different cuisines. This is more particularly a  Chef Game, that helps in developing the cooking skills. Children can particularly love this game for the tournaments and competitions involving fellow chefs in building their own reputations as a chef. For those who enjoy Play Restaurant Game, this game has been an absolute favorite.

Hello Kitty Lunchbox: The player is to help Hello Kitty prepare lunch boxes for everyone at school. The challenge is to prepare four custom recipes using the available appliances and gadgets and complete the challenge alongside Kitty. And if the lunch prepared by the player impresses Hello Kitty then some rewards are on the way. The game opens up in a school cafeteria and is quite engaging for kids.

Wrapping up:

Here are some references to restaurants and Chef Game, which too come with a lot of variety. All these games mentioned are unique and represent a certain genre of restaurant simulation games. Encouraging children to play these games can help in keeping them away from the action and violent games which can affect the children negatively if not played under special supervision. On the contrary, cooking games are safer and more knowledgeable.

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