Difference Between 32 Bit and 64 Bit Office – Brief Explanation

Difference Between 32 Bit and 64 Bit Office, Office 64-bit Office Type is automatically installed unless you specify explicitly select the 32-bit version before starting the installation process. to install a 32 or 64-bit version of Microsoft 365 or Office 2019, follow the steps in Install Office on PC. Important: If you are installing a 64-bit version, but want a 32-bit version instead, you first need to download the 64-bit version before installing 32-bit version. the same is true if you have installed a 32-bit version, but you want to

to install a 64-bit version. See Office (64-bit or 32-bit) error. If you are not sure which version, 32-bit or 64-bit would be the most sensible choice you, see the section below.

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Reasons for stability is a 64-bit version

The Computers which are running on 64-bit versions of Windows they usually have more resources such as power processing and memory, rather than 32-bit of them who were before him. Also, 64-bit apps can access more memory than

32-bit apps (up to 18.4 million Petabytes). Therefore, if conditions include large files and / or working with large data sets and the computer uses a 64-bit version of Windows, a 64-bit that is the right choice what:

Works with large data sets, such as business Excel workbooks with complex statistics, multiple pivot tables, external data connections for information, Power Pivot, 3D Map, Power View, or Get & Transform. The The 64-bit Office version could do better in these situations. See, Excel

data and limitations, Data Model data and limits, and Memory usage within 32-bit Excel program. Works with great photos, videos, or animations on Power point. The 64-bit Office version can also be better suited for hosting these complex slide ingredients.

Works with more than 2 GB files on a project, especially if it is a project has many small projects. Developing Develops Office solutions such as add-ons or customization at document level. Using the 64-bit version of Office allows you to install the 64-bit version of these solutions and as a 32-bit version.

Developers of In-house Office solutions should be able to access the 64-bit Office 2016 to test and review these solutions. You work with a large amount of Number Data in Access, and on time this type of data is supported by 32-bit Access, you will see the unexpected results when creating code or expressions using traditional 32-bit VBA libraries.

64-bit VBA provides Long data type fully supported large numbers. For more information, see Using a large number of Number data.

 Reasons for stability is a 32-bit version

 the following computer systems can only include 32-bit Office. Look at yours Windows version.

  •   64 OS with ARM-based processor
  •   32-bit OS with x86 (32-bit) processor
  •   but 4 GB RAM

 Tip: If you have a 64-bit OS with an x64-based processor, you can choose to install it 32-bit or 64-bit Office.

IT professionals and developers in particular, should also update the file following conditions where the 32-bit Office version remains the easiest option yours or your organization.

Got to have 32-bit COM add-ons besides the other 64-bit. You can still works for 32-bit COM add-ins in 32-bit Office for 64-bit Windows. you will also try to contact the COM Add-in vendor and request a 64-bit version. Employ uses 32 controls with the exception of 64-bit alternatives. he will be silent to use the 32-bit controls in the 32-bit Office like the Microsoft Windows Common Controls (Mscomctl.ocx, comctl.ocx), any existing 32-bit third-party Controls.

Difference Between 32 Bit and 64 Bit Office

Your VBA code uses advertising statements Most VBA code is not accessible switch when using 64-bit or 32-bit, unless you use Announcement statements call Windows API using 32 data types such as lengths, directions and handles.

In most cases, adding Ptr Safe to Announce and replacing long with Long Ptr will make the Declare statement compliant with all 32- no 64-bit. However this will not happen in rare cases where there is none 64-bit advertising APIs. In order to collect more information that what VBA changes are needed to build works in Office 64-bit, see 64-Bit Visual Basic for applications View all.

Got you have 32-bit MAPI applications for Outlook. With a growing number for 64-bit Outlook clients, redesigning 32-bit MAPI applications, add-ins, or macros for 64-bit Outlook is a recommended option, but only if necessary you’ll still be using 32-bit Outlook only, too.

To learn about setting up Outlook applications on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, see Building MAPI Applications on 32-Bit and 64-Bit Platforms so it is Outlook MAPI Index.

 when you open a 32-bit OLE server or an object. you will run your 32-bit OLE Server application with 32-bit Office type installed.

 You are using SharePoint 2010 identifier and would like to edit in Data view. will still use editing in data view

working on SharePoint Server 2010 with 32-bit Office.

 you may like 32-bit Microsoft Access database files .mde, .ade, .accde. 64-bit compatible, you will still use 32-bit .mde, .ade, and .accde

files in 32-bit Access.

Need a Legacy Equation or WLL editor (additional libraries) files in Word. you will still be using Legacy Word Equation Editor again use WLL files in 32-bit Word.

Got your old embedded media insert your PowerPoint presentation without 64-bit codec available.


In this article we have explained which version you should use for windows that version 64 is better than 32 reliably depends largely on your work load that is why in the middle of this article we have explained the benefits of each side as well so you will choose the right.

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