How to put programs to sleep in Windows 10 – Detailed Explanation Guide

How to put programs to sleep in Windows 10, Some programs keep running in the background to allow them quickly, install updates or show pop-up messages. These can affect your computer by consuming processing power and battery life while also slowing down certain aspects of a laptop or desktop including startup speed – put programs to sleep so if you want better performance without uninstalling any apps from Windows 10 then it’s easy!

how to put apps to sleep windows 10 All individual processes need to be pinned; simply right click on each one individually (control panel should open) – how to put a program to sleep select “Properties” before clicking “Sleep” next time around when clicked sleep icon suddenly appears below status bar at bottom left hand corner

How to put programs to sleep in Windows 10

The guide covers 5 steps to put programs to sleep on Windows 10.

Now Right-click the Windows 10 Start menu and then click Settings.


In order to find your privacy settings, you should first head over to the Settings menu and then click on Privacy. From there it’s just a matter of clicking on which options will make life easier for yourself!

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To see which apps have access to your personal information, click on the left side of this screen and select “Background app.”

Background apps

On the Background apps settings screen, if you want to put all programs running on Windows 10 (stop them from doing so in background) and stop those pesky notifications popping up every five seconds while trying get some work done then simply toggle Let Apps run in Background switch off. All of your sleeping applications will be turned into “Off” state—see second image below for illustration purposes only!

Background apps on

When you want to put an app into sleep mode, simply leave the Let apps run in the background switch On and then toggle it from “On” next to any of your selected applications.

Let apps run in the background


putting programs to sleep, In this article we have discussed about that How to put programs to sleep in Windows 10 there are many different explanations you will get all over for this topic but here we have gathered few of the very simple yet effective methods to do so everyone can have the better understanding of it.

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