How to Start Outlook in Safe Mode – Everything You Need to know

How to Start Outlook in Safe Mode, Outlook is one of Microsoft’s most prominent services. However, there have been times when you have been you may find an error when you try to open it. in most cases, start outlook in safe mode can help solve these problems and make sure you are logged in safely, free from any suspected malware.

 What is Safe Mode?

open outlook in safe mode, generally, Safe mode is the operating mode runs the program with small add-ins as well reliance on avoiding harmful influence these features may require. In fact, How to open Outlook, if you run the program safely mode, only its main functional components. It’s safe Mode is present where Windows 10 and many other its software, such as Microsoft Outlook.

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 Why use Outlook on Safe mode?

run outlook in safe mode Like most software, Outlook is at risk of being launched and news. Use Safe Mode to help you separate files for the issues and also to know what the really are. It’s safe Mode also disables all add-ons, do it is especially useful when the add-in is blocking An idea that starts well. Sometimes when Outlook crashes or receives problem, provides start with Safe Mode. However, in most cases, you should look for start and start Outlook in safe mode with you.

how to open Outlook in Safe mode

The Run Command

The Run Command

The Run command window lets you get started Outlook in safe mode with easy installation


  1. Press Win + R on your keyboard to specify a startup window. (You can and look for Run within the start menu.)
  2. inside the text box, enter the following code line below and hit Enter:

Outlook.exe /safe

Then the Outlook will start in the safe mode.

The Start menu

The Start Menu

you will also type the specified Run command right in front of the start menu and skip the Run the window.

  1. Click the search bar within the start menu.
  2. Type the following line of code below and hit Enter:

Outlook.exe /safe

outlook safe mode, you will use this for Windows 7, 8, and 10 This will use the same command because the previous one and start Outlook in safe mode.

Hold down Ctrl

Holding Down Ctrl

However In some of the cases, your supervisor may need to disable the Run account for your account. In this case, you cannot use the Run command window to starting the Outlook in safe mode, but do not donate right now! there is an active function for the following:

  1. You have to hold on the Ctrl key on keyboard.
  2. Click to open Outlook.exe as you hold down Ctrl.
  3. within the new window, select Yes.

you will click the Outlook shortcut, or search  up inside the start menu. Just remember to carry down Ctrl on your keyboard! Start Your Idea Safely Starting the Outlook in safe mode is one thing you will do it now whenever Outlook has a problem to begin with. Once you have purchased it has started, remember that you will do a lot to use Outlook in its power is high.


In this article we learned that How to Start Outlook in Safe Mode which can be done by different methods but we have defined the numerical value of simple but effective ways to do so.

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