A patient’s guide to choosing the suitable wheelchair

Wheelchairs play a crucial role in allowing mobility and relieving people with disabilities. Such mobility aids provide overall support and comfort to people using them. A vast range of pushchairs available in the market makes it easier for individuals to cherry-pick the one that will cater to their needs. Nowadays, wheelchairs also come with customizations to suit individual requirements.

Here are a few facets that you must keep in mind before purchasing a new pushchair:

Understanding your requirement for a pushchair

The primary thing to contemplate before purchasing a wheelchair is your requirement for the assisting device. Often, individuals are under the misconception that they require a wheelchair due to difficulty in walking. Your medical practitioner can be the best guide to tell you whether you need a wheelchair.

Individuals struggling with day-to-day tasks after an accident must opt for assisting equipment that eliminates their limitations. However, some people with injury or chronic medical conditions require a pushchair. After you have confirmed from your health expert that you need a wheelchair for full-body support, the next step is to deduce whether you are purchasing the pushchair for temporary or permanent usage.

Measuring the assisting equipment

The wheelchair you purchase should be the right fit providing adequate comfort to the user. Therefore, measuring every aspect of the pushchair you want to buy is essential. You must consider the size of your body and check different areas of the wheelchair to ensure its comfort. The best way to acquire these actual numbers is by analyzing the overall width, dimensions of the seating pad, and the height of the backrest.

Checking the weight capacity of the wheelchair

While most wheelchairs are suitable for a standard weight person, it is essential to measure your weight and the capacity of the pushchair you are willing to purchase. Individuals who are excessively obese might require a wheelchair design out of heavy-duty materials. Such wheelchairs are available under the bariatric section of mobility aids, helping individuals propel about with ease and comfort.

Analyzing the frequency of use

Many times, people undergoing an accident require a wheelchair for temporary usage. Therefore, you must consider whether they need a part-time or full-time wheelchair to determine the type of wheelchair they purchase. For part-time users, it is essential to consider a standard pushchair that enables them to prepare forward as and when needed. Patients who need the equipment for outdoor use must opt for a pushchair with heavy-duty material.

Frequency of travel

Another thing that impacts your choice of mobility aids is the type of transport you often use for travel. To ensure that your physical ailments do not prevent you from traveling, you must opt for a transport chair in addition to the standard one. Patients who travel frequently must acquire a lightweight portable wheelchair to ease their movement while commuting. Such a consideration helps individuals port their pushchairs to and from various locations. 

The decision to buy a wheelchair can be emotionally straining. Considering the above factors, patients can pick the ideal wheelchair that will cater to their needs, reducing some stress to finding the right mobility aid.

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