All You Need to Know About Og Whatsapp

OG WhatsApp is the modded version of the original WhatsApp and people use two types of WhatsApp with two phone numbers on the same android phone due to OGWhatsApp. It has become popular nowadays due to its exclusive feature.

It requires manual installation and does not charge extra. According to playapkpro OGWhatsApp apk ensures security and reliability to its users, and people use this app because of thousands of its features. We discussed all the features and shared guidance that helps you install this app and enjoy it.



How to install the OG WhatsApp:

According to The installation of this app is not quite difficult. You must follow some steps to install this app and then download it on your android device.

Step 1: Install this app through the link given below. The installation will start automatically on your android devices.

Step 2: Open the file folder of your mobile and then the OG WhatsApp folder. The option of install will appear on your home screen.

Step 3: Click on the install button, and the app will install on your devices after a few seconds.

Step 4: After installation is complete, you can open this app and use it.


There are many exclusive features of OG WhatsApp, which increase its popularity day by day. One of them is an in-built WhatsApp locker that helps you to lock your whole WhatsApp. There are also more than 1000 themes. Some are helpful for some, and that why people increase the install of this app. So, discuss these features one by one below:

Anti-ban property:

The modded version of WhatsApp gets banned sometimes by

the original makers of WhatsApp. But the latest version of OG WhatsApp ensures that the app does not get banned. It is 100% safe to use and secure. So, you can use this application without getting the pain of banning it due to this feature.

Scheduling of pre-build messages:

In a hasty life, you forget to message sometimes that is important professionally or personally. But this feature makes the life of people easier because now you schedule your messages. Write the message and the contact that you want to send and set the time and date. It will automatically send to the specific contact. This will happen only in the presence of a mobile network of Wi-Fi.

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Call unsaved numbers:

Another effective of OG WhatsApp that attracts users worldwide are making the WhatsApp call without saving the number. The official WhatsApp does not give this feature, and you must save the number before calling, and sometimes it gets exhausted.

Status download:

OG WhatsApp allows you to download the status of your WhatsApp contacts directly. You can also send it to your friends and save it in your mobile storage. The official WhatsApp does not provide the feature. This is one of the best features that anyone asked for up to date.

Writing status:

Original WhatsApp allowed the least character to write on WhatsApp status. But OG WhatsApp allows more than 200 characters to write in your status and upload it. It prevents you from uploading multiple statuses, and your messages must convey in single uploaded status.

Group name 

WhatsApp group is the best way to enjoy yourself with your family, friends, and colleagues. But when it comes to set the name of the WhatsApp group, the original WhatsApp is hell. It allows only 20 characters that are not sufficient compared to the 35 that OG WhatsApp is providing.

Block contact call:

Sometimes, it gets annoyed or disturbing to receive a call all the time, but you can block specific call contact by enabling this feature. You are not blocking the contact completely but only calls. You can do this by going to the setting and turn off the option of receiving a call from a particular contact.

Send more than 90 images:

Original WhatsApp allows only 10 to 30 images send at one

time. But OG WhatsApp has this amazing feature that is allowing to send more than 90 images. It saves your times from sending multiple pictures. So, you can enjoy these features by downloading OG WhatsApp.

Final thoughts:

As we discussed all the features of this, and you cannot deny that OG WhatsApp is the best mod you can install. You can enjoy all these amazing features. This is not the original version, but their features make it far better than the original one.

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