Best online tools to Convert Image to Text for Bloggers

As technology is getting advanced, everyone is trying to take shortcuts to complete the tasks.

Technology has brought a lot of changes to human life. In every aspect of life man in dealing in the technologies. Modern technology has brought so many changes that the problem for the people is no more problem for them.

Businessmen, freelancers, bloggers, employees, indeed everyone is trying to bring efficiency in his work. In this article, we will discuss more the Image to text converter and its uses.

How OCR can be helpful for bloggers and other people?

The bloggers are the ones who have to perform multiple tasks at a time. They have to do a lot of changes in their contents.

For this reason, technology has also brought something amazing for them that is the image-to-text converter.

Indeed, everyone can use this technology either he is a teacher or a student, or an employee.

Sometimes a blogger may have no time to upload the content properly or he may have an issue regarding blurry images.

In this case, this tool is quite helpful for him at this stage, as it can easily read the picture and convert it into text.

Let’s discuss what’s OCR!

What is OCR?

OCR stands for “optical character recognition”. As the name explains the functionality of the tool by itself.

OCR is the major technology behind the image-to-text converter and with this, the tool can easily convert the image into text.

It is a technology that can change pictures and printed scripts to machine-encoded text.

Best online Image to text converters

Here are some of the best image-to-text convertors that can be helpful to get the result in a very short time.

There are many tools for this purpose that can help a user regarding this problem. These are the best among them.

  • Prepostseo image-to-text converter
  • Editpad image-to-text converter

These two tools are the best tools to use due to their features and functionalities. If you’re looking for an online solution specifically to convert JPG images to text, you can also try using an online JPG to text converter for quick and accurate results.

This tool is one of the best tools for image-to-text conversion. If you are a blogger, you can get everything you want, from this tool.

This image to text converter tool can be helpful for a blogger in sense of saving time and energy.

Key features

This tool has some extra features that make it superior and demanding. Here are the features of this tool.

  • Text extraction from the image
  • Trustworthy
  • Identify blurry pictures
  • Support every format
  • Text extraction from image

It is helpful to translate the character into the text. When the image is placed in this tool, it will convert that into text.

As a blogger, you can save your time and it will be helping to boost your business. The data can be saved into libraries.

  • Trustworthy

This tool is also trustworthy as it doesn’t save the user’s personal information or share it with a third party.

The data is the property of a user and this tool helps to protect the user’s property.

This tool is secure to use as it deletes the data of its user instantly after usage.

  • Identify blurry pictures

Sometimes the picture is not good enough to be read. It may be blurry or pixelated.

Either one is using a low-resolution picture, this tool will give accurate results with help of its AI technology.

  • Free of cost

This tool is free of cost as it doesn’t take charge for doing the work. Users can also save money by using this tool.

Social media users can find this tool very interesting as they just have to place the picture and just click on it and get the text of it.

  • Formats

This tool can handle every format of pictures. The supportive formats for this tool are

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPG

This is another tool used for the image-to-text conversion purpose. This tool is also very worthy.

It also helps to convert images to text in a very short time.

Key features

Here are the features of this tool that make it unique from other tools.

  • Easy to use
  • Understand blurry pictures
  • No registration
  • Extract text via URL
  • Easy to use

A user has just to paste the image there and it will give you the desired result in a short time.

This tool will scan the entire picture and will convert it into text.

  • Understand blurry pictures

When a person tries to convert images to text there may be a problem with the picture quality as it can be blurry or pixilated.

In this tool, even if someone is using a handwritten picture or a blurry one, this tool can easily make it understandable.

  • No registration

One of the best features of this tool is that a user doesn’t need to get registered before using this tool.

A user can go to the tool and do his work without any registration.

  • Extract text via URL

If the user doesn’t have the picture, he can just copy the URL and paste it into the box, this will automatically generate the text without having the picture.

In this case, this tool supports you by extracting the text with the help of a text extractor.


Softo is another tool that is also used for text-to-image conversion. This tool is also full of features. Here we will discuss its key features.

Key features

  • Multiple uploading
  • Data safety
  • Works for mathematic equations
  • Free of cost
  • Multiple uploading

If a person has a bundle of pictures, he can take multitask from this tool.

He can upload multiple contents at a time to get the results fast. The speed of this tool will remain the same for every picture.

  • Data safety

User data is the priority of this tool. If a person using this tool, his data will be secure and safe.

Once the work is done and the tool is closed, the data will automatically be removed from there.

  • Works for mathematic equations 

This tool has an extra feature of understanding the math equations that are not given by every tool.

You can upload the equations also and this tool will easily read these equations and convert them into text.

  • Free of cost

This tool is free to use. Users don’t have to pay for using this tool as it is free of cost.


This tool is equally beneficial for everyone as it saves time and energy for person.

Sometimes one can’t give a topic to a picture, this tool can help you to solve this problem.

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