How to Measure the Effectiveness of a Digital Marketing Plan

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Many companies, in every corner of the world, have now discovered all the practical and strategic advantages of digital marketing, going so far as to come up with extremely ambitious communication plans capable of boosting business performance, including sales. 

After a phase of uncertainty, in which most companies continued to look skeptically at online communication strategies and the use of social media, most brands nowadays have several virtual channels, a well-defined editorial plan, and a staff of qualified people who take care of the day-to-day management of these profiles, publishing content and monitoring audience reactions to the different posts launched online. 

While the world is still preparing for the future upheavals related to the metaverse, brands have begun to sense the potential of digital marketing on social media, also touching upon and appreciating the added value they have been able to generate, both in terms of reputation and in terms of sales. 

A large part of management, within each company, seems to be satisfied when faced with a particularly successful post, characterized by a large number of likes and shares, the sudden increase in followers or likes on the page (perhaps as a result of a sponsorship), or the fact that more and more people comment on the company’s posts, trying to establish a real contact with the brand through questions, judgments or opinions regarding the product or service offered. 

A delicate phase 

What is still missing, before the inevitable advent of the metaverse, is a mental effort that leads executives and apex figures of companies beyond the most superficial data, the most obvious metrics, and opens their eyes to other indicators of success and especially to some indispensable methods that should never be lacking in any communication strategy. 

As far as metrics are concerned, business executives should learn to measure the performance of their social media in much wider, much more dilated time intervals. Analyzing the performance of one’s channels once a week will do no good, and may even lead management to believe that their profiles are not working. Success does not depend solely on quantitative factors, such as views or the number of positive comments a post receives. 

What really matters is the ability to arouse real interest in the consumer, in getting new leads, depositing impressions of positivity in their souls that, when the time is right, will lead them to take concrete actions, such as a purchase or a subscription to a company newsletter. 

On the other hand, a method that should never be lacking is the measurement of the results obtained, through specific systems that allow to know the performance of a given online strategy, the number of clicks obtained from a certain link, and other such elements. 

Simply implementing a social media marketing strategy won’t do a damn thing if you don’t keep its results constantly monitored. Goals are achieved precisely in this way, with continuous experimentation and simultaneous monitoring activities, so that you can correct your aim if something has gone wrong. 

A global phenomenon 

Social media marketing is now a widespread phenomenon globally, on every continent and in every nation, even in those states that until a few years ago were characterized by a certain closure to the outside world. 

One of these is undoubtedly Saudi Arabia, which through some of its top brands such as Elie Saad is demonstrating to the world that nowadays, in order to communicate online, creativity and dynamism are needed first and foremost, as can be seen from the very first moments of navigation within its official website, but also on its main social channels. 

The advent of the Internet and the web has undoubtedly allowed many nations to open up to the world, thus inserting themselves in turn into the immense flow of data, knowledge and entertainment present online. 

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In order to make the most out of your online communication strategies as well as your favorite amusements, you will need to acquire the ability to continuously experiment, never stopping until you find full satisfaction. 

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