The Real Benefits of Hiring a PPC Agency for Your Startup

A PPC Agency can help your startup by promoting your brand and showcasing your products or services. Pay-per-click firms can jumpstart your startup growth and help it scale.

PPC firms can create highly targeted paid ad campaigns and maximize your advertising budget. Your ads will be front and center for people ready to convert. Let’s learn more about the real benefits of working with a top ppc agencies, especially for startups.

Keeps Your Paid Marketing Campaigns Updated

Paid ad marketing trends constantly change. reports that businesses should consider these trends to create better, more targeted paid ad campaigns.

By partnering with a PPC agency, you can rest easy knowing that your startup paid ad campaigns are updated and well-crafted. Your PPC team will keep up with the best PPC advertising practices. A reliable PPC company will know what’s working in your niche, market, or industry and apply these in your campaigns.

A PPC firm is a team with members who are experts in various areas of paid marketing. Thus, you can trust that you’ll get comprehensive services such as PPC audits, keyword research, copywriting, and PPC monitoring. Each service performs professionally, expertly, and efficiently to promote your business startup.

Provides Top-Notch Keyword Research

Keyword research is the heart of PPC marketing. Ad campaigns rely on expert keyword research. Selecting the right, high-value keywords to bid on will result in more clicks and faster conversion.

According to WordStream, keyword research is a science and art. It’s using a variety of research tools and understanding your clients.  A PPC agency can help you know your customers better and predict the words or phrases they use to search for your business.

A reliable PPC company incorporates different strategies to go about keyword research. They organize keywords into the following categories:

  • Branded keywords are terms that contain your brand or any trademarked words or phrases.
  • Generic keywords – these are terms that are related to the products or services that you offer. For a cake shop, generic keywords like “wedding cakes” and “birthday cakes” are generic.
  • Related keywords don’t relate to your products or services. Still, your users want to know, like opening hours, business phone number, or delivery costs.
  • Competitor keywords are terms that pertain to your competitors like their brand names, branded products or services, etc.

After the keyword brainstorming phase, expert PPC companies will use keyword research tools to determine which keywords they will use for your campaigns and which will work later. Keyword tools like the Google Keyword Planner or the WordStream Keyword Suggestion tool are just two of the most popular tools helping PPC agencies.

Produces Expert Ad Copies

One of the benefits of hiring a PPC agency is knowing that your ad copies are perfect. In addition, agencies come with talented writers who can create engaging ad copies and corresponding landing pages. 

They will develop copies using your keywords and consider Google’s rules on creating clear, relevant, and concise ads. Here are a few PPC agency practices for creating compelling ad copies.

  • Address your market and include emotional triggers.
  • Use numbers and registered trademarks on your copies to improve trust.
  • Remove any objections and excuses to keep your audience at ease with your brand and business.
  • Utilize all ad space. Remember, 30-character headline and two 90-character ad descriptions.
  • Use ad extensions to increase search results space.
  • Use creative and engaging calls to action on your copies.

Creates Quality Landing Page Design and Content

A successful PPC campaign depends on a great landing page. A PPC agency can also help you create optimized landing pages considering the page content and overall design.

Consider that after clicking your ad, your prospects will spend a lot of time checking out your landing page. Therefore, it’s a must that you don’t just make great content but consider the site design and elements. PPC companies use the following strategies to optimize landing pages.

  • Create unique landing pages for each of your campaigns.
  • Match your landing page headline with your offer and calls to action.
  • Create engaging and concise copies.
  • Consider different content strategies, not just text. Use videos, tables, infographics, images, etc.
  • Avoid distracting images, pop-ups, striking colors, etc., to keep your customers focused on your offer.
  • Test your copies and site elements before ultimately launching your ad campaigns.

Efficient Auditing, Monitoring, and Reporting

An experienced PPC agency will monitor your ad campaigns timely and efficiently. They will ensure that all your campaigns work and produce the best results.

A PPC agency should be transparent about its reporting. They must provide information about how effective or not a campaign is and use insights gathered to create better and more effective campaigns.

A PPC report considers the date range of a campaign, the campaign goal, and your conversions. Include the following metrics in a complete PPC report.

  • CPA or cost per acquisition is the total cost of a customer completing an action from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel.
  • ROAS, or return on ads spent – is the revenue earned for every dollar spent on ads.
  • CPC or cost per click – CPC is the cost you need to pay for the published post each time a person clicks on your ad.
  • Ad CTR or click-through rate is the number of clicks your paid ad receives divided by the number of times it’s shown. Your CTR can gauge how effectively your keywords and ads perform.
  • Traffic metrics are the bounce rate, overall traffic, time spent on a page, and other general metrics.
  • Month-over-month data – or this could be week over week or quarter over quarter. Therefore, this is historical data used to compare metrics and to determine any improvement in your campaigns.

PPC agencies also conduct regular PPC audits. An audit is a report about the PPC program considering how to optimize for better ROI. Semrush recommends conducting a PPC audit at least every six months or within three months of making any change in your account.

Final Words

A PPC agency offers impres benefits to startups. It can help small businesses and startups conduct updated paid ads strategies, perform thorough keyword research, create expert ad copies and landing pages, and monitor and provide complete metrics. With a trusted PPC firm, you can guarantee quality paid ads results, good traffic, and improved brand recognition.

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