Toptal Alternatives: Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Cheap Freelancer Hiring Options In 2023

Ever since the pandemic and its subsequent lockdown, remote jobs have gained in popularity. More and more employees are looking for flexible hours and better work-life balance while employers are on the search for freelancers who will be able to provide their business with the relevant skills.

Whenever exploring the freelancer hiring options, one option that comes to mind is Toptal as a pioneer in the tech talent space. There are other freelancing websites in existence, but none can claim such success as Toptal. Why is this? Is it conscience or reliable talent that works for Toptal?

So, we went ahead and gather this information for you to help you make a sound decision about finding Toptal alternatives in 2023. We did the research because we want to be able to help you out if possible.

1 Upwork

One of the largest online workplaces, Upwork is a platform for hiring freelancers to complete various jobs. Upwork’s bidding system allows developers to set lower prices for the projects available on their website, thereby helping employers find and hire cheaper talent.

Currently, you can find people such as writers, proofreaders and data entry specialists on Upwork or you could opt for programmers if your business requires one.

2 Freelancer

When it comes to getting work done using the help of freelancers, there is one website that stands out and clearly has a huge market share. With thousands of people from across the globe being able to offer their services as freelancers in many different fields, Freelancer is definitely a site you want to bookmark if you are looking for quick results and top-quality work.

The millions of users on their database make it a great place for employers to find remote staff. In order to post their project, the employer has to follow a simple procedure in which they specify what they’re in search of and attach the details.

Applicants will present proposals for projects that interest them, and employers have an option to upload resumes and look up reviews before shortlisting the best prospects. The most talented candidates outside California will be interested in working with you as long as you set realistic budgets.

3 SkillSoniq

SkillSoniq is a Toptal alternative that easily connects freelancers with companies. SkillSoniq’s AI and machine learning capabilities help employers hire the right talent for any project they need completed by matching the freelancers to available jobs within the client’s community.

This eliminates a lot of the stress people might experience from trying to find specialized talent, making it easy for employers to find full-time workers who can meet their needs. As an added bonus, SkillSoniq has no entrance fees, making this a great option for employers looking to utilize multiple talents at once.

4 Fiverr

Fiverr is another major freelancer marketplace that offers affordable rates and quick solutions if you don’t mind working with gig economy workers. It’s a great alternative to Toptal if you’re on the lookout for Asian talent with programming, design, or marketing experience who will deliver quality work on time at the cost of a fast takeaway meal at a drive-thru restaurant.

5 CloudDevs

CloudDevs is a talent platform that offers only vetted, experienced developers and designers in Latin America. Unlike many other outsourcing platforms, they vet their whole network which decreases the chances of hiring someone who might be misleading you.

What’s more? They only hire senior developers and designers so clients are offered one-of-a-kind services by elite talents whose expertise guarantees nothing but the best work every time.

This Toptal alternative charges a transparent $45-70 per hour for all of the freelance developers that can be hired on a part-time or full-time basis. Due to the guarantee of their vetting process, which includes an intensively tested code review each developer has to complete before they’re added to the list.


For those looking for Toptal competitors to hire talent from freelancing sites, you may find similar features at Fiverr or SkillSoniq. However, if you want a standard of service that’s as transparent and simple to understand as Toptal’s rates and range of options, then CloudDevs could be the better option to consider.

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