14 Best Sites To “Sell My Computer” Online For Cash

Electronics, especially computers, laptops and mobile phones are extremely expensive. We use these gadgets on a day to day basis and in fact have a lot of dependency on them too. But there does come a time when everyone wishes to upgrade to a newer version and upgrade their gadgets. 

Selling To Dealers And Shops:

When planning to do so, one hurdle is to find a way to get rid of the old computer, and that too in a profitable manner. People often inquire about a medium that can be used to sell computers with ease and convenience while ensuring that they get the best possible deal. 

Although there are plenty of pawn shops near me and dealers who would be more than happy to buy your old computer, opting for this route can be expensive and troublesome. Firstly, these dealers do not always offer the best price for used computers. Secondly, one has to physically take the computer to the shop to get it evaluated and sold. This can be a major inconvenience for a lot of people. 

Perks Of Selling A Computer Online:

The solution to these problems is to sell your old computer online. When you list your computer for selling online, you can get a better deal. Plus your reach will also be amplified as you will now be able to target a bigger market of customers. Moreover, since it is an online platform, therefore, you will not be required to take your computer anywhere physically like you would have to if you were using pawn america

Best Sites:

1. Swappa:

Swappa is a renowned online site that is highly recommended due to the free listing feature. Sellers are charged a selling fee only after their product has been sold. This selling fee ranges between $5-$35 only. Another perk is the fact that the payment is released immediately via PayPal so the seller is not left hanging. 

2. OfferUp:

OfferUp is a hassle free and convenient online selling site. The interface of the app as well as the process is quite simple to understand and use. Listing the computer is free but the seller will have to pay a 12.9% commission once the item sells. Sellers can also choose between cash as well as online payment methods. 

3. Apple Trade In:

Apple Trade In is an excellent platform for anyone who wishes to trade their old MacBook for a new one. You can list your old device, pay the difference in price between the old and the new computer price and simply exchange the old computer for a new one. 

4. SellBroke:

If you have a computer that is very old, worn out and even broken, you can use SellBroke to sell it. You can list your computer on their platform, they will send you a quote for the machine along with a paid shipping facility. Once the computer is received on the other end, the payment is sent to the seller via Google Pay or PayPal. 

5. NextWorth:

If you are in a rush and want to sell your laptop without having to search for a buyer, NextWorth would be your best bet. They directly purchase computers. List your computer, get a quote and ship your computer to them. After the computer inspection, you’ll receive the payment online. 

6. NextDoor:

As indicated by the name itself, NextDoor is a platform that will connect you with potential buyers from your neighborhood. You can contact people in your vicinity, tell them that you wish to sell your computer, and find a suitable buyer for your computer. 

7. Gazelle:

The biggest perk of using Gazelle to sell your computer is the fact that they charge no listing fees and offer three different payment options to choose from. The process is both convenient and saves a lot of time as well. 

8. Best Buy:

Just like Apple Trade In, Best Buy also offers a similar service where you can get your old, used computer exchanged for a new one. The quote is offered instantly and the company also pays for the computer to be shipped to them. 

9. ItsWorthMore:

ItsWorthMore is not a marketplace, rather a direct purchaser. They will inspect your computer and send you a quote within 72 hours. You can get the money either via PayPal or Zelle. 

10. BuyBackWorld:

BuyBackWorld is also a platform that will purchase your computer themselves. This removes the hassle of looking for a buyer and simplifies the process as you will be dealing with the company and would not have to wait for a customer to show interest in your old computer. 

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11. eBay:

eBay is one of the largest marketplaces you will ever come across, both for new as well as used items. Another advantage is the fact that you can list your items for free and will only be charged a fee once your computer is sold. 

12. GadgetPickup:

GadegetPickup is another company that will buy your old computer directly. Therefore, you will not have to wait for a customer, rather would be able to sell your computer almost immediately. 

13. OLX:

OLX is another renowned online platform that can help you sell your old computer for a reasonable price. You can register for a seller account, list your computer and sell your computer through the comfort of your home. 

14. Facebook Marketplace:

We use Facebook for socializing, but Facebook Marketplace is an excellent site where you can find potential buyers for your old computer. You can also find jewellery pawn shops near me on Facebook Marketplace but selling your old computer through this platform would also be an excellent approach. 

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