A Quick Guide on the Tips to Reducing Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is a small crack that develops over time because of repetitive stress on the bone or joints. These fractures are commonly seen in athletes because of the nature of the activities they perform. Besides this, stress fractures are generally reported in the lower extremity of the body. If ignored, these types of fractures can become severe and may demand surgery for treatment. Surgery may arise the requirement for orthopedic implants and instruments. The risk of stress fractures can be minimized through simple remedies and extra attention while doing activities. This is what we will be discussing in the post.

How to Prevent Stress Fractures?

Proper training practices and little extra care while doing activities can significantly minimize the risk of stress fractures. Here are certain tips on how you can prevent stress fractures:

Boost Your Bones

When it comes to preventing fractures, it is very important to focus on your bone health. So, the first and foremost thing here is to get your bone density checked and take appropriate measures to maintain it. The best way is to increase calcium and vitamin D intake through your diet. Besides this, it is also necessary to seek expert advice to confirm whether you need supplements or not.

Start Slowly and Increase Gradually

Whenever you start an exercise regime, don’t do too much in too little time. This will increase the chances of fractures and other musculoskeletal injuries. Smartness lies in starting slowly while giving your body time to adjust to a new routine. Even healthcare experts suggest increasing the intensity of exercise or any other activity gradually. This helps the body adjust well and cope with changes.

Resistance Training

Resistance training helps improve muscle strength while improving flexibility. As a result, the risk of joint and bone injuries is reduced to a minimum. Not only this but resistance training also improves the balance. Hence, the chances of stress fractures become low. Resistance training must be performed under the guidance of skilled professionals as it also helps improve posture.

Use Proper Playing Technique

One of the key tips for preventing stress fractures is to learn the proper playing techniques. Besides this, one should also use proper gear as they provide support to joints while minimizing the risk of fractures. Improper playing technique is among the commonest reasons for stress fractures in athletes and hence, it is advised to train under the guidance of an experienced professional.

Take Enough Rest

Overuse injuries are often stress fractures and lack of rest is among the reasons for the same. Thus, it is advised to take regular breaks between athletic activities. Not only this but one should also give his/her body time to repair torn muscles after rigorous exercise. Putting unnecessary stress on your body increases your risk of getting injured. So, being careful with these simple tactics can greatly minimize the risk of stress fractures.

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