Why Can’t You Search Multiple Hashtags On Instagram?

The reason you can’t search multiple hashtags on Instagram is that you have violated the terms and policies of Instagram. If your post or content contains any of the above-mentioned stuff, it will be difficult to search multiple hashtags for your post. Even if Instagram detects that you’re doing something that goes against its community guidelines multiple times, it may shadow-ban you, making it difficult or impossible to perform certain actions like searching.

Why Can’t You Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram?

The two main reasons people get shadow banned on Instagram are because they’re violating the site’s Terms of Service, or because the algorithm thinks they’re spam.

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Let’s discuss these two reasons in detail:

Content Associated with Hashtag violates T&C:

Instagram has rules about what kinds of content users can post. This includes content that might be offensive or hurtful to others, content that could provoke or offend the community, and religious statements.

If you want to post something on Instagram that will be seen by everyone using the app, think again. The platform’s algorithm is designed to hide content that could be considered controversial or offensive from the majority of users. In other words, don’t bother posting something if you think there’s a chance it will be taken down.

Hashtags associated with terms and conditions violating content will not appear when searching multiple hashtags on Instagram.

If you’re Shadowbanned:

Shadow banning is simply secretly banning the content and other activity of a user on an online platform, like Instagram. Instagram would not shadow-ban you unless and until you have done something wrong or have been engaging in inappropriate activity for some time. If you don’t follow the rules and service policy of Instagram, your account will be shadow banned. This means you won’t be able to search for hashtags or post anything.

If you’re not able to search multiple hashtags on Instagram, it means you either selected the wrong content or violated the rules and terms of service.

Video on How To Search Multiple Hashtags On Instagram:

What Causes Instagram Shadow ban?

Shadow Banning is a common practice among social media platforms. It is the practice of blocking or partially blocking the user and their content from some features. Shadow Banning happens in such a way that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.

Your account has been shadow-banned for posting pictures, stories, or videos. This activity will not be visible to other users using the platform.

The main cause of the Instagram shadow ban is the user has violated rules, and terms & conditions. The users are not allowed to post hurtful content or inflammatory posts. Inappropriate content or articles that can hurt other users’ feelings or communities are not entertained by Instagram or any other online platform. Hence, wrongful activity can be the root cause of Instagram Shadowban.


Not being able to search multiple hashtags means that Instagram is not allowing you to do that. The reason can be anything but related to violation of rules and some inappropriate activity by you. Stop doing the wrongful activity and your issue will get resolved automatically within some days.

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