Why Are Some Instagram Profiles Circle in Color – Guide

Instagram profiles are colored to indicate when someone has posted new stories. The colors and number of rings vary, but each color signifies a different status. One is the pride rainbow ring which indicates that the person celebrates the pride of the month. The blue ring on their profile indicates that the person recently posted a story, while the green ring means they changed their story settings to ‘Close friends’.

Edit: Since a few people here keep asking, I wanted to share what I found out. The double ring on your profile picture means you have added a border to your profile picture. The grey circle on your profile picture means you have seen all the stories of the person.

Colorful Ring Around Instagram Profile Picture: Mean

Rainbow Circle on Instagram Story In celebration of Pride Month, Instagram has added an amazing feature of a rainbow circle on its Instagram story. This new addition is a great way to show your support for the LGBTQ community and show your solidarity with this important social movement.

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Initially, the app had red, grey, and green color circles, but the rainbow Instagram story feature has been added by the makers of the app so that users can indicate that they have posted something related to Pride month and its related topics, and show their love and support towards the LGBTQIA+ community. Just like the other rings, the rainbow circle surrounds the profile picture on Instagram.

Steps To Follow:

  • To get a rainbow ring on Instagram first open the story-adding feature on your Instagram.
  • Select the picture from your gallery that you want to post on your story.
  • Open the sticker section of the Instagram story, and use any of the stickers on the picture you want to post
  • If you use any one of these stickers you will be able to use the rainbow ring around your profile picture.
  • Instagram now has a variety of stickers that anyone can use to add a rainbow ring to their story. As you can see, these stickers will turn the story ring into a rainbow.

Video on Instagram Profile Tricks:

What Does the Grey Circle Mean on Instagram?

Instagram’s grey color ring feature indicates content that you’ve already seen. When you touch someone’s profile image and it’s in either grey, black, or faded, it means you’ve watched all of their stories. Once someone posts a story on Instagram, their profile will be circled in color after you’ve watched all of their stories. The color of the circle turns grey when you’re finished.

There is one condition: if you have not seen all the content in someone’s story, it will not turn grey. Their profile will still be circled in color. To see the next story, open it and tap the right side of your screen. If someone has posted a new story, their ring profile color will turn grey.

The Instagram Red Circle Around The Profile Picture – Mean

As mentioned earlier, a colorful ring appears around your profile pic when you create a story. This ring indicates that there is a new story from this person. When you see the red empty circle on someone’s profile picture or next to their name it means that they have posted a new story and you haven’t watched it yet.

After posting a story on Instagram, the profile will have a red ring around it for only 24 hours. This is because Instagram stories will disappear after 24 hours of posting. However, if you visit someone’s Instagram stories, the red ring will turn into a grey circle

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