How to automatically forward all emails from Outlook to Gmail the easy way

How to automatically forward all emails from Outlook to Gmail the easy way. They are always trying to outdo each other. We expect everyone to know how to send and receive emails in Outlook by now, but what about email forwarding? By now, we mean the ability to set your Outlook account to send all received emails to your Gmail account automatically.

Many people may see this as difficult and therefore not want to try it or even believe it’s not possible. However, from our years of experience, we can say for sure that this is a feature of Outlook. In fact, all major email providers have this ability.

How to automatically forward emails from Outlook to Gmail

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In Outlook, click the gear icon in the top right corner and select “More mail settings.” In the “Manage your account” section, click “Email forwarding.” Enter the address you want to forward your messages to in the “Forward your email to” field and click “Start Forwarding.”

  1. Open
  2. Open its Settings
  3. Select View All
  4. Click New rule
  5. Add a new Rule and forward mails
  6. Redirect messages to another account.

Read on if you need detailed instructions.

Open Settings

The first and most important step is to create a new rule within Outlook on the Web. To access Outlook Settings, click the Settings ‘Wheel’ icon in the top right corner. Then, from the bottom of the panel which opens, click on View all Outlook settings.

Next, add a new rule by clicking Mail > Rules. Your new rule will be added from there.

Add a New Rule and Forward mails

So, creating a new rule that forces Outlook to send emails to your Gmail account is as simple as clicking on “Add New Rule.” Be sure to give the Rule a name, and under “Add Condition,” select “Apply to All Messages” under “All Messages.”

Under the “Add an Action” section, choose “Forward To” from the “Route” drop-down menu and enter the Gmail email address. Click the “Save” button. If you’re using Office 365 or Exchange Server 2016, you can only set Rules to forward emails to another account using Outlook on the Web.

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Redirect messages to another account

If you would rather redirect your messages instead of forwarding them, the process is quite similar. Simply choose “Redirect To” from the “Add an action” section, and you’re all set.Just be sure to add the preferred Gmail address and hit the Save button to continue.

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