How to get notifications for selected contacts in Microsoft Outlook

How to get notifications for selected contacts in Microsoft Outlook to manage multiple email accounts because it’s easy to do so. However, this can become tedious when you have too many emails and notifications constantly showing up in your action center. While you can reduce notifications by turning them off, not everyone can afford to do this. Some emails and contacts are crucial, and you need to receive notifications about them. In this post, we will share how you can get notifications for selected contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

Get notifications for selected contacts in Outlook

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The method involves using Email Filters. So, to test it completely, you first need to turn off all notifications from Outlook. To do that, when in Outlook, click on File > Options > Mail section. Under Message Arrival, turn off the option which says Display a Desktop Alert. With that done, let’s set up the rule for selected notifications.

The first step is to find the email from the contact for which you want to stop receiving notifications. To do this, click the Outlook search box, type RULES, and select the Rules option under the Action menu. You can also find the same option under Home > Move or by right-clicking on the email and selecting Create Rule.

The new rule will apply to all your contacts. You will have to create a rule on an individual basis for each contact.

Declare subject, sent to, move to folder, and “Display in the new item alert window.” You can add sound for better attention. Click on the Advanced button to open the Rules Wizard. Check the box which says “from the selected contact.” It will add it to the Step 2 box. You can always click on the contact name and change it.

Click Next and select the option to display a specific message in the new item alert window. Here you can customize the message with your own text to help you identify that the email is important. Finally, set the rule name and apply it for the current mailbox. Yes, it has to be applied on a per-mailbox basis, so if you want to apply it for another mailbox, you will have to recreate the rule.

The next time you get an email, you’ll get a pop-up notification about it instead of it appearing in the Action Center. This is useful because you’ll get the notification even if your notifications are turned off.

After you process this for all the contacts, you will only get alerts for the contacts you have selected.

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