How To Bcc In Outlook (blind carbon copy) – Detailed Explanation Guide

How To Bcc In Outlook, email is a form of digital communication that has become increasingly common in ever-shrinking industries and even the most minor of individuals.

What is bcc in Outlook?

BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) is a private copy of an email message received by the recipient with knowing other participants in the conversation.

You can use BCC to get notified when someone replies to your message, so you save time spent checking multiple inboxes.

BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) is most popular for security and privacy reasons, BCC is mostly used to send a single email message to multiple large groups of people, without knowing each other, when you place email addresses in the BCC field of a message, those addresses are invisible to the recipients of the email.

When marketing, many people who work on email threads for mass emails encounter limitations on how many addresses Outlook will allow.

There are several reasons why this limit can be reached, but thankfully there are some things you can do to get around it.

How to add BCC in Outlook

By default, the BCC field option is not available. You cannot see it when writing a new message or replying to someone’s email.

To enable this feature you’ll need to do the following:

In this article, we’re discussing how to enable the BCC field in Microsoft Outlook.

How To Enable the BCC Field in Outlook 365

  • Firstly Open the Microsoft Outlook 365, 2019, 2017, 2013, 2010.
  • Now Click on New mail from the left top corner of the screen.
  • And then Click Options Tab and Hit BCC in the shown field section to enable it. Enable-the-BCC-Field-in-Outlook-365 1
  • The Bcc field will appear and then you can then put the contacts in there who you want to receive the mail secretly or don’t want to show a certain email address.
  • How-To-Enable-the-BCC-Field-in-Outlook-365 2

How To Enable the BCC Field in Outlook 2010?

Now let’s see how to do it in the Outlook 2010

  • Firstly Open the Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • Now Under the Home tab you have to click on the New E-mail button.
  • And then Click Options Tab and Hit BCC in the shown field section to enable it. How-To-Enable-the-BCC-Field-in-Outlook-2010 3

The steps above allow you to BCC other recipients by default. This means that when you compose an email message, the BCC field will be included in your email automatically.

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