6 Apps and Tools You Need to Make Pro YouTube Videos on Your iPhone

Some of the best apps for creating YouTube videos that look professional aren’t from Apple. These are the types of apps you need if you want to make great YouTube videos using your iPhone. Some of them cost a little money, but I promise they’re worth every penny.

Video Editing

There are a number of video editing apps available on the App Store, but you can use any of them to add music and text to your videos. Once you’ve added these elements, it’s time to upload your masterpiece onto YouTube.

While editing tools aren’t as powerful as those found in desktop-based video editors like Avid or Adobe Premiere Pro CC, they still offer many useful features. Some apps even let you export your final cut directly from the app without having to export it first and then upload the file from within YouTube’s interface. These apps also have built-in social sharing functions that make it easy for viewers to share their favorite moments from your videos with their friends on Facebook or Twitter (or both).

Storyboard or Scriptwriting

A scriptwriting app, like Celtx or Final Draft can help you write your script on your iPhone. These apps have templates that allow you to create a storyboard and organize your scenes in a more visual way than writing everything out on paper.

You can then export the document from the app and continue editing on your computer. You may also want to use it as a reference when filming and editing your video because it will remind you of all the elements included in each scene before they happen on camera.


A teleprompter is an app that allows you to read off of your iPhone or iPad while filming a video. The app will project what you’re reading onto the screen, so it looks like you’re looking at a monitor in front of you.

This is great because it lets people watch what’s being projected and focus less on how awkward your hands look, holding an iPhone up to your face for an entire video! It also keeps things interesting for viewers who might not be able to pay attention for long periods; every few seconds, there’s something new happening on screen.

You can use a teleprompter for iPhone with any type of camera (e.g., DSLR or smartphone) as long as they have some way of connecting wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth. You could even use it without needing anything other than just yourself! Just place the phone somewhere near where everyone else will see it during filming so that they know what’s going on when watching later online.

Portable Lighting Gear

If you’re looking to take your video production to the next level, portable lighting gear is an important tool. The sun is a great source of light, but it’s not always available when you need it—and even if it is, getting a shot with clear skies (without clouds) can be tough. So instead of depending on the sun for your light source, you can use a portable LED-powered light kit to simulate it.

It’s important to note that these kits are not cheap: they can run from $500 dollars all the way up to the thousands depending on what kind of gear and accessories you need. However, if your aim is professional quality videos and clients are willing to pay for them, then this investment could very well pay off in spades later down the road!

Microphone Accessories

You may have heard of these, but what are they? They’re all little accessories that can be attached to a microphone to make it easier for you (and your viewers) to hear what you’re saying. When recording, the pop filter blocks out any pops and sibilance in your speech while the shock mount absorbs vibrations from nearby movements.

A windscreen reduces the echo effect caused when you speak into the mic in an open space. A boom arm allows for easy positioning of your mic and helps reduce noise from brushing against clothing or other objects in front of you. Read also this article How to Activate YouTube using Youtube.com.


Stabilizing the camera is critical to getting professional-looking video. Without it, your footage will be all over the place, and you’ll have a hard time making it look good.

The easiest way to stabilize your shot is by using a tripod. Tripods are devices that keep your camera steady and in one spot, which makes it easier for you to record smooth video with minimal shaking or movement (you can also use them for still photos). Tripods come in many different shapes and sizes, but all do the same thing: hold up your camera, so its position doesn’t change between shots.

There are several types of tripods available on Amazon—from cheap plastic models that cost around $20 all the way up to expensive aluminum ones that run into hundreds of dollars—so there’s something for every budget!

You can make high-quality videos using only your iPhone. The camera on the iPhone has come a long way. It’s possible to get professional video quality out of it, and there are many apps that will help you achieve this. With the right apps, you can create videos that are engaging, creative, and fun. We hope we’ve convinced you to try out a few of these tools so that you can be on your way to making amazing YouTube videos.

We understand how frustrating it can be when other people don’t take our profession seriously. However, with these apps, you’ll be able to show the world just how talented and creative you are—so go on, get out there and make some great content!

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