How do you start writing an essay from scratch? Simple student advice

What is an essay? 

In comparison to term papers or diploma papers, an essay is regarded a less important student assignment. As a result, we pay less attention to its writing and are often unconcerned with the text’s originality or the composition’s harmony. Nonetheless, essay writing is an important element of the educational process. Working on it allows us to develop the skills necessary to create more serious things. That is why you need to be able to write a high-quality essay. The goal of writing an essay is to gain a better grasp of the subject and to remember relevant information. In addition, working on an essay helps us build organizational and goal-oriented skills, which are useful not only in education.

Choosing a topic

The most important thing to remember while choosing a topic is to follow your own interests. Even if the issue is fundamentally deeper and more complex than others, writing an essay on it will go fast and with joy if it is close and fascinating. It is also necessary to consider the availability of books. If you have time to consider, it’s best to make a list of two or three themes (no more) and hunt for current study. We recommend going with the one that has a lot of high-quality materials.

Selection of material

The Internet is the most current and “lazy” technique of selecting literature. To find information, we go to one of the well-known search engines’ websites and type in keywords related to our subject. It’s advisable to hunt for electronic versions of textbooks and scientific articles rather than just any material on this subject. The information will be accurate and scientific in this scenario. Do not overlook the library; you may be able to obtain the core material there, and information from the Internet will become supplemental. Periodicals, in addition to books, are recommended. It’s critical that the knowledge and textbooks are recent.

The structure of the essay

The volume of the essay is usually 7-15 pages, in rare cases up to 20. A standard essay traditionally consists of several parts:

  1. Because the form may vary, only the needs of your educational institution are considered while writing the title page. It is preferable to request a design example from your teacher ahead of time in order to avoid having to repeat it later. You must carefully create the title page to ensure that there are no errors.
  2. Plan or table of contents. The essay table of contents includes a list of chapters, sub-chapters, and page numbers. They frequently require you to write a plan instead of a table of contents.
  3. Introduction. It can be as short as one paragraph or as long as a page and a half. Its major goal is to introduce the reader to the problem’s core. The introduction explains why the topic was chosen (and why it is significant). The work’s goals and objectives are outlined.
  4. Main part. Before you begin writing the main body, you must decide on chapter and paragraph titles. Next, create a presentation chain to avoid breaking the sequence of thoughts and deviating from the given topic. Cover the main points as much as possible; in the main body of the essay, outline the main concepts outlined in the sources.
  5. Conclusion. In conclusion, general conclusions on the main topic are briefly presented, as well as their own view of the problem and its solution.
  6. List of used literature. This is a systematic compilation of the list of sources used. In other words, the information that even an outsider will be able to find in a specific book. The list is compiled in alphabetical order on the last page of the essay and has clear rules.

Essay writing service is ready to help

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