Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working Windows 10 – Explanation Guide

Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working Windows 10, If you’re experiencing any of the following issues with your Asus laptop keyboard, it’s likely that a simple fix will resolve the problem. Whether or not certain keys are working properly and others aren’t can be attributed to how old they may be (keyboards wear out) as well their use:

asus laptop keyboard not working windows 10 if there seem like more than just an intermittent issue at hand here then also check for dirty contact points in between contacts inside each keycap where fingers rest while pressing down on specific buttons–these areas often get gross from sweat over time so take care of them

Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working Windows 10

If the ASUS laptop keyboard is not working, there are many solutions to try. The first one would be updating your device’s BIOS and making sure that you have enough space on storage drives or an external hard drive for applications like Windows 10 Updates (a whopping 18GB).

asus keyboard not working Another common fix in this case could simply entail removing unnecessary programs from Start Menu Tiles so they do not hog up system resources during boot-up time; however if these steps fail then see below!

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Method – 1: Restart the laptop to fix keyboard

asus keyboard not working windows 10, When your Asus laptop keyboard not working, just restart the computer. This is a simple fix that has worked for many users when they run into technical issues with their laptops and keyboards

Method – 2: Troubleshoot the hardware issue

It is possible that your Asus laptop’s keyboard may stop working. You can troubleshoot this by checking for loose connections or damaged cables, then fix any issues with the following solutions:

It could be due to dust under the keys preventing proper touch-sensitivity of contacts on a keypad.

1. Check the keyboard battery

The battery issue is one of the possible hardware faculties. asus laptop keyboard keys not working It’s not an easy task to solve it but we can try some things first! Shut down your laptop, remove its power source and wait for few seconds before connecting with AC cord Directly or via Battery pack connected inbuilt together with charger plugging into wall outlet where you are at home/school.

electricity supply unit that provides stable 12 volts DC voltage level frequency on demand when required by machines running inside buildings so they’re never without energy supplies even if there were attempts made back then till now years gone past centuries ago days passed decades come Mondays mornings starting off fresh starts

2. Check the USB connection (USB keyboard)

Make sure that the USB connection on your keyboard is working properly. You can try unplugging and plugging back in, or if it doesn’t work then maybe there are two devices with identical ports (like an Ethernet cable).

3. Check the wireless adapter (wireless keyboard)

If you are using a wireless keyboard, make sure the connection between your device and receiver works properly. Move it closer to get better reception!

Method – 3: Update your keyboard driver

Installing the wrong driver can cause problems. asus rog keyboard not working If your laptop’s keyboard doesn’t work after installing a new one, try updating yours using either manual methods or an automatic update service that Asus offers on its website for their customers with computers running Windows 10 operating systems.


In this article we have learned how to fix asus laptop keyboard not working windows 10 if you are facing the same issue just follow our steps we have explained few of the very simple yet effective methods to fix it.

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