How to Open Outlook in Safe Mode – Detailed Explanation

How to Open Outlook in Safe Mode, the way to open outlook in safe mode  you’ll say that the safe mode may be a start-up operation mode for OS execution, that is also available for Windows system or the software related to it. And it’s also available for the MS Outlook application and other Office suite apps. Basically the safe mode may be a functionality which allows the apps to urge recover automatically also combating the errors which occur while the startup.

These problems include issues with the certain add-in or the damages in your registry settings. The Safe mode allows Outlook application to detect the errors and also attempt to identify the basis cause for offering any sort of solution it or will completely avoid it.

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What happens once you run Outlook in safe mode?

Sometimes once you attempt to open the MS Outlook Application, it prompts to open the app within the Safe

Mode with a crop up message that the Outlook is did not start within the least session and starting the app within the safe mode may help to filter the matter helping within the successful opening of the app. This message is shipped from Outlook application itself and therefore the user can click on Yes if he wants to open the appliance within the Safe Mode.

generally. Well this message is thrown to users if any problem was detected within the last of your  Outlook session. once you start the Outlook application within the Safe mode it’ll probably stop  additional add-ins and it can assist you know that what’s reason behind the troubles within the Outlook.

However sometimes the users must open the Outlook application explicitly. Many of the users  often got to start an Outlook application within the safe mode in two scenarios: favorite is that the Outlook application isn’t opening properly or If the user must open it avoiding loading of any sort of the allied add-ins or the customized toolbars.

Methods of Starting Outlook in Safe Mode

Starting Outlook application within the safe mode varies for various versions of Windows

Or the Operating Systems. But a number of the methods are explained below which may be helpful to run Outlook within the safe mode.

Method 1: By Opening The Outlook.exe

 Windows Vista/Windows 7:

  • The Users which belongs to those Windows versions, visit the beginning menu.
  • Then type cmd and press Enter which can open a prompt .
  • Now type outlook.exe /safe and hit Enter.
  • And you’re done now the Microsoft Outlook are going to be automatically launched in safe mode.

 Windows 8:

just in case you’re using Windows 8, Then once you start typing the search box is automatically

shown. So you’ve got to easily open Start Screen. then you’ve got to type; outlook.exe /safe and hit Enter.

Method 2: By Using The CTRL Key

Commonly, you’ve got to carry the CTRL key and click on on MS Outlook shortcut kit. this may help

Outlook to detect that you simply want to start out the appliance within the Safe mode and can throw a message

asking an equivalent . Click Yes to proceed with opening Outlook application within the safe mode.

 Method 3: By Visiting The Outlook.exe Directly

just in case while you’re checking out the outlook.exe, And your system is unable to seek out it. therein caste

you’ll navigate on to full location by visiting the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office which

followed by an Outlook version number.

How are you able to Create Shortcut for Outlook Safe Mode?

you’ll create a shortcut manually to the “outlook.exe and /safe” switch also can be added. For this,

you’ll need to determine the situation of outlook.exe which is usually found at the below

mentioned location;


  • Firstly attend the Desktop then right-click on empty space available.
  • Now Select New>>Shortcut to make new shortcut for Outlook.
  • Now you’ve got to type the trail where outlook.exe is found to the tab provided or browse the situation through the Browse button.
  •  And now type space and /safe: ” /safe”
  •  Finally it’ll appear like: This “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE” /safe
  • Click MS Outlook Application Next and name this shortcut.
  • and eventually you’re done just click Finish.


during this article we’ve learned that the way to open outlook in safe mode there are many various ways you can roll in the hay but we’ve explained three of the simplest and straightforward ways to urge it done so everyone can easily understand and apply on their system.

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